Type selecting of conference of video of medium and small businesses should look

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Difficulty analysis

Medium and small businesses regards a countryman as main component of economy, to economy development and social stability are having decisive effect. Below competitive pressure, medium and small businesses has begun to realize efficient the value that communicates promotion of pair of company operation efficiency. But because amount of domestic medium and small businesses is numerous, informatization degree is uneven, and they are more sensitive to IT investment cost, its system type selecting suffers be confined to a lot of element.

Sign up for the investigation of IT lab according to Chinese computer, at present medium and small businesses carries out system of applied video conference to be put in issue of the following sides.

1. "Tap a head " the problem is serious

The IT project of medium and small businesses carries out very as brighter than having as large company posture characteristic, they often value production and sale more, despise interior management, to IT investment also can have different consideration.

In recent years, market of medium and small businesses is mature with each passing day, the flying development of the industry and on the low side of enterprise informatization level, administrative lag formed bright contrast, this kind incommensurate the soft hardware that forces medium and small businesses to increase pair of IT invests. In informatization construction upsurge, because a few medium and small businesses locate to oneself demand for service insufficient essence allows, understand video conference system not quite, bring about investment behavior to be not reason.

2. Cost control difficulty is great

Video conference system invests for a long time as, need enterprise uses cost to have very good control to its. Compare with large company posture, scope of medium and small businesses is limited, the construction is single, often do not have large company in that way internal capital attempers ability, to capital use lack rigor plans, optional sex is bigger.

On the other hand, comparative and large company, the frequency of system of conference of use video of medium and small businesses is inferior, often be to answer a few sudden incident, because this is right,cost of video conference application controls difficulty big.

3. The system gets be maintenanced effectively hard

Carry our investigation, a lot of medium and small businesses are dissatisfactory the service of provider of video conference system, be in especially on the system after the line. This kind of phenomenon is by provider of video conference system intense " fall odd " psychology decides. When because become,the user is pushing a project, manufacturer of conference of a few video to get order, negotiate in the project initial stage is very active. And once the line on the system, the service consciousness that systematic provider safeguards to support of user system follow-up is insufficient.
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