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As enterprise dimensions development expands, personnel and branch grow in quantity, inevitable also in producing a lot of growing " vexed " , for instance: Business management problem, communication problem, efficiency problem, cost wastes a problem to wait. Want to improve communication efficiency only actually, of timely implementation information deliver, bring finally will be more profit and market have the promotion of rate.

Regard seesaw pattern video as the fundamental application of communication, video conference system is winning more and more application as communication network and the ceaseless development that invent decipher technology. Current video conference system basically can distribute the software to be based on PC system and be based on embedded hardware system two kinds of frameworks, these two kinds of frameworks have the product of numerous category and respective characteristic. From the point of the price, software video takes aim to in low end the market, hardware video is main market of the high end in facing; From the point of application, software video basically is centered in desktop application, hardware video basically is centered in assembly room application. Two kinds have each user group each, cannot saying is which good which bad, can saying only is which kinds suit more.

Basically come from to the demand of system of software video conference inspect dispatch communication market at market of medium and small businesses and desktop two respects. On one hand, communicating quickly with raise efficiency to be considered as to live by more and more enterprises, below the setting that develops crucial factor, the medium and small businesses of swarm is being become draw the new heat that uses growth of video conference market. Differ with government and industry user, because medium and small businesses is put in capital natural resources deficient of personnel of little, professional technology, conference is frequent the characteristic with not high rate, because this is buying video conference impossibly,a large number of capital are invested on equipment. And because system of software video conference is based on Internet, use already the characteristic with some computer natural resources, small investment, the big range that gets medium and small businesses is purchased and apply.

On the other hand, as the buildup of communication demand and the need that work in coordination, the multimedia communication demand of desk face increases quickly, 2006, began to gain ground 2007, and begin make way of very important a construction. Desk face inspects the demand with message main system is the character chats, the file is transmitted, the desktop is shared, documentation is shared, cooperate with remotely operation, documentation is revised in coordination, the electron is white board and the VOIP solution that can save in-house communication cost, video becomes a minor demand essential factor instead. Product of traditional hardware video conference solved the large administration conference of assembly room, groomed application commonly, but the requirement that cannot satisfy a desktop gender, easily to handle official bussiness with sexual respect in advantage, accordingly, inspect dispatch communication market to the desktop, software system makes best choice. Gain ground to be quickened further as broadband IP, and the development of computer technology, developing in recent years more rapid.
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