Unified Monitoring Responding to the new stadium video system needs

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As people's living standards, to health as the main activities become more and more people of all ages, the construction of sports venues could be more perfect urban functions and improving the urban quality, with a wide range of needs. China into Successful bid to host the "2008 Olympic Games" and the "2010 Asian Games", the more there is a need for a large number of new stadiums and renovation. And promote the green movement, the promotion of sports stadiums and building green, science, also mentioned the development of digital To a new height, which monitor the construction of stadiums is extremely important. The same time as the development of science and technology, such as high-definition cameras, video coding, wireless transmission, such as hot standby technology has been widely used in surveillance. So, in the new social context and technical background, body Monitoring has been totally cut education venues - is no longer a traditional video surveillance, but a comprehensive set of unified security system. In addition to realize video browsing, video storage, remote control and other basic functions, but also to achieve the alarm associated Dynamic function, behavior analysis, GIS functions, perimeter guard, professional statistical reports, the emergency command system interconnect, "three one" Alarming System Interconnect, and many other personalized features. Monitoring for highly integrated sports facilities and intelligent demand, ZTE peacekeeping force proposed by the industry's first "unified control" concept, which contains six levels of meaning: a unified monitoring and operations, signaling and media system First, the analog and digital unity, unified wired and wireless equipment and network unification, product and engineering unity. Surveillance and Operational Unity Stadiums need to be integrated surveillance system video, voice, data, alarm, intelligent analysis, resource management, command, and other businesses. Monitoring through professional client service functions, WEB client, mobile terminals, Media exchange unit, large screen display systems and other equipment to achieve for the business person has permission to use real-time view of remote media information, historical information call the other functions to realize the business use of related personnel requirements . System management functions by managing client implementation for system administrators use for device management, user management, system maintenance to ensure system uptime. In addition to these services, but also need to integrate to achieve the following business: Dynamic environment monitoring system: power supply equipment for the venue, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, smoke, fire, flood and other objects to monitor dynamic environment, combined with video monitoring for alarm linkage. Electronic Map System: The combination of monitoring systems and GIS, in the camera position is displayed on the electronic map, and prompt alarm information, the user can look at all the camera control system working status, intuitive, fast View all monitoring field of geographic information. According to the situation, quickly switch to the appropriate regional monitoring camera for remote command to provide a scientific basis. Perimeter defense system: through the installation of infrared radiation, vibration sensors and other cables in major venues around the area to form an invisible barrier that can sense objects in the illegal invasion, and a timely warning to notify staff . Intelligent access control system: intelligent access control system uses advanced radio frequency technology and other advanced techniques, the key to open the door to replace the traditional way to effectively solve the stadium lounge, duty key management and the monitoring center Chaos management problems, while achieving scientific staff and out of administration. Intelligence analysis system: with intelligent video analysis services, integration of intelligent imaging technology choice, including abortion statistics, perimeter guard, the crowd gathered, stolen items, items left behind, so as to riot and venues Provide the basis to prevent terrorism, for special cases in a timely manner to the police. At the same time, for different regions and different types of venues, business characteristics, the system also need to be able to provide users with fast and custom development services to meet the special needs of the user, the user's existing system of shared resources.