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Medicine is made as a tradition and accumulate the special industry that contains elements of a large number of new and high science and technology, appear to warm up quickly all the time to the applied demand of IT in recent years trend. Day of beneficial aggravate that competes as this industry, pattern of a kind of brand-new communication operation management that is dominant with video conference is making a trade in medicine sadly arisen.

Market prospect is valued

Regard a countryman as one of main component of economy, our country medicine makes the industrial production value of the industry more than 10 years maintain high speed to increase a level all the time. With was 2006 exemple, gross value of industrial output of countrywide medicine industry amounts to 530 billion yuan, relatively go up year compared to the same period amplitude is adjacent two into. The rapid development of the industry is in cause the market while competition is more intense, also aggravate the superior bad discard of medical enterprise, production industry production spends medicine to also be strengthened further subsequently centrally.

Unlike other industry, what because involve numerous people,medicine makes is healthy even life safety, attribute the key trade that the country superintends strictly, director branch has to pharmacy business unite executive compulsive attestation standard, add austere with each passing day exterior competition environment, these elements force medicine to create a company improving, while perfect oneself manages a mechanism, must introduce new modern technology measure ceaselessly, in order to get used to fast transition with informatization dominant brand-new industrial situation.

As a result of our country the branch of each large medicine production enterprise reachs sale site to disperse more at countrywide each district, and timely information is lacked to communicate again normally between each district, the expenditure of manpower material resources that the enterprise uses every year at employee to be away on official business only is the expenditure with not small brushstroke. Of video conference system timely introduce, become numerous medicine to make an enterprise promote informatization application the cost of level, economic office, effective weapon that raises a client to serve ability.

While video conference system is raising cost of work efficiency, economic operation for the enterprise, the business development that also is these enterprises and management are optimized offerred prop up strongly. Come nearly two years especially, make an enterprise warm up increasingly to the applied demand of video conference product as medicine, pattern of a kind of brand-new communication operation management that is dominant with video conference system is in medical industry sadly arisen.

Applied demand warms up

"Face grimmer and grimmer challenge in traditional business pattern today, the communication platform with industry more advanced management method, more effective need and faster response the mechanism will reduce operation cost, improve decision-making efficiency, make core competition ability. Video conference system can help an enterprise be between headquarters and the branch that spread all over each district, undertake invite applications for a job of party conference, panel discussion, vocational training, staff and exterior collaboration wait at any time of all kinds and long-range communicate with interactive, communicate managing operation cost, promotion each link such as the efficiency, production that accelerates decision-making speed to pervade an industry, sale, management, service thereby. " division amount to Zhu Shu of minister of TrueSens market department to express to the reporter.
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