The comparison of system of hardware video conference and software video confere

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At present the popular video conference on the market divides roughly it is two kinds: System of hardware video conference and software video conference, these two kinds of distinction between basically behave in the following respects:

Phonic video quality

1. Hardware product: The frequency encode of the G.7xx of the H.320 level that frequency encode uses ITU of international Telecommunication Union to organize is normative. Sound is compressed through having damage.
2. Software product: The impression that traditional software solution gives people is phonic video quality opposite poorer. But the CPU processing capability as PC increases quickly ceaselessly, want an user to have certain bandwidth only, outside the G.7xx of the H.320 level that frequency encode can use encode to be organized except ITU of Telecommunication Union of know clearly international, still can use other standard of encode of tripartite frequency (GIPS language phonetic symbol is for instance accurate) . Can achieve clearer than system of hardware video conference sound result.

Use easily

1. Hardware product: This is the traditional advantage of hardware solution, use convenient, accord with user tradition to use a convention.
2. Software product: Gain ground as what the computer and Internet apply on one hand, people is familiar with computer application more and more and be used to; On the other hand, software product is designed in the technology and the use of mature product on functional implementation goes to the lavatory gender and friendly sex, make big much user need not groom particularly can use instantly

The price

1. Hardware product: One-time buy the price costly. And because need certain bandwidth, the user will pay bandwidth for a long time to receive fee.
2. Software product: A few product value is hardware product only, lower even. Can use existing network condition completely.

The technology is newer

1. Hardware product: The lifecycle of hardware product is 3 years about, and the technology is being updated everyday, special hardware equipment cannot catch up with the pace that hardware technology grows. Hardware is updated or change new upgrading module will be very costly, and carry out rise no-go.
2. Software product: The application of any new technologies and function increase can in time the ground is updated for the user, at any time and place, very convenient. Of the product upgrade the price relatively hardware product wants low much.

Network bandwidth adaptability

1. Hardware product: Taller to bandwidth requirement, the independent line that needs 384kb above commonly or only net. Solve firewall problem too complex.
2. Software product: Can use the network environment with existing user. Agree with from 56kb dial, XDSL, special railway line, the network environment that other perhaps way receives, suit all sorts of acting server and firewall. Can satisfy requirement of different network environment.
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