Domain of fractionize of market of Chinese video conference is eye-catching

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Suffer SARS incident effect, demand of market of Chinese video conference was activationed 2003, present those who give 42.61% increase rate to erupt type grows. After 2004, market increase rate relatively 2003 level somewhat hasten delay, but of the maturity that gets video conference technology, Internet gain ground, drop what network endowment expends ceaselessly and get a government market of 4 class net starts 3 ~ and business market rises quickly wait for benefit the stimulation of nice element, market of Chinese video conference entered stable acceleration to increase level. Dimensions of market of Chinese video conference grew 28.26% compared to the same period 2007, achieve 2.982 billion yuan of RMBs.

Government and industry 4, 5 class low end is market of the market, software video conference, high-definition video conference market was 2007 the domain of 3 big fractionize with eye-catching market of Chinese video conference.

Government and industry 4, 5 level are low upright market demand is huge

For quite a long time, the government purchases the main impetus that reaching the industry user such as finance, the sources of energy, telecommunication is market of Chinese video conference all the time. The video conference system of these users is purchased have one-time purchase big, tall to product security and stability demand, general use the characteristic such as the kind that builds network system oneself. Through old development, government and industry mainstay net already infrastructure is finished.

But, to achieve the comprehensive administration that is aimed at every employee, from the top down a dish of chess, to the government, must enclothe countryside, town further 4, 5 class; To the industry, must cover every the smallest production unit, in order to come true the most perfect enclothe and manage. Government and industry 4, the functional demand of 5 class market to video conference product is simple, demand is big, price susceptibility is tall. Accordingly, low end video conference system makes main choice.

Be aimed at market of this one fractionize, division of card of home made product is amounted to, enlighten power, Hua Ping increased strength of research and development in succession, rolled out the solution of specific aim and series product in succession, these products are compared by right of extremely high gender price, and increasingly powerful brand force will be in domestic manufacturer to did not form strong impact to foreign brand.

System of software video conference is popular

Current, basically come from to the demand of system of software video conference inspect dispatch communication market at market of medium and small businesses and desktop two respects.

On one hand, communicating quickly with raise efficiency to be considered as to live by more and more enterprises, below the setting that develops crucial factor, 11 million medium and small businesses are being become draw the new heat that uses growth of video conference market. Differ with government and industry user, because medium and small businesses is put in capital natural resources deficient of personnel of little, professional technology, conference is frequent the characteristic with not high rate, because this is buying video conference impossibly,a large number of capital are invested on equipment. And because system of software video conference is based on Internet, use already the characteristic with some computer natural resources, small investment, the big range that gets medium and small businesses is purchased and apply. The characteristic that software of medium and small businesses inspects dispatch communication market is every order very small, dispersive, but order is very much, sequel will be the fundamental strength propping up of video conference market.
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