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Medium and small businesses will be a fuse that ignites video conference market.
This print journalist Chen Liang

The interest that 80 time establish last centuries at Fujian advance river bully men's clothing, had made brand of home's famous men's clothing dress now, "Each have an unique design " classical ad saying almost widely known. In recent years, interest bully is passed energetically laid channel system, had saved city to build 3000 doors store each in the whole nation, in these door inn, basically provided network and computer, went to the lavatory greatly of the information of industry of garment of staff member understanding and company headquarters message deliver.

Nevertheless, to a such huge sale systems, manage and groom become a big question. Because interest bully uses total representative management to make, because this visits an area to each,the management of total representative agency is Chongzhongzhi heavy, according to traditional pattern, the staff member need of headquarters organizes the meeting regularly to city of each provincial capital, discussion job deploy arranges each to groom, such doing expended cost of huge poor travelling expenses not only, from decision-making also comparative to executive time cost exalted.

Company controller thought of informatization solve a method. Video conference is a right choice, user of a lot of industries and government sector used this kind of equipment to solve the problem that different ground handles official bussiness, nevertheless the IT branch of interest bully still feels in company interior deploy rises have not little difficulty, basically be facility cost tall, often at every turn hundred thousands of, 10 thousand yuan about a hundred, tall also to the requirement of network bandwidth, want ability of special railway line to assure fluent result, and laid special railway line can bring higher cost further again, additional, video conference system relative to taller maintenance sex of difficulty, operation also allows a company some hesitate.

This kind of current situation is getting alleviating stage by stage. Once got attention before video conference market a few years fully, but the development of the market is far later hot in that way without manufacturer anticipation, this caused the collective of each video conference manufacturer to think over. In holding the enterprise such as the Baolitong of position of dominant of market of Chinese high end, Suo Ni the earliest to begin to extend small user, the manufacturer of Chinese mainland also accelerated the move. "Video conference market should have the growth of explosive type, must enter market of medium and small businesses. " the Suzhou division that pursues research and development of video conference system amounts to Zhu Shu of company product manager to say.

Research and development gives the key that the product that fits medium and small businesses to use is a problem. Suzhou division amounts to a company to go in domestic front row in this respect, last year, this company rolled out the TrueSens of video conference system that is aimed at medium and small businesses technically, this product used height compositive the design that change, terminal itself incorporates high-powered camera and microphone, reduced product cost greatly so, client of medium and small businesses wants 20 thousand yuan to be able to purchase one set have only the video conference system of two node. In the meantime, it can be in bandwidth achieves fluent appearance on relatively narrow ADSL line, installation, operation is handier also, this lets a lot of the first time the medium and small businesses that contacts video conference system feels very shine at the moment.
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