System of high-definition video conference aids informatization of fire control

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Author: Hunan of king of total fleet of fire control of Hunan Province public security is new

Fire control of Hunan Province public security is high-definition video conference system is system of countrywide public security organs the system of conference of video of 720P high-definition technology of the first large-scale construction, its group network is intricate, dimensions is giant, use China inspect net of dispatch product group for 720P of company complete set, share MCU15 stage, terminal 152, build cover total fleet office, 14 detachment body, 135 big (in) team and total fleet teach command car of group, hospital, communication inside the video conference of 152 units system.

Fire control army is loading public security to safeguard people of national long period of order and stability, safeguard to live and work in peace and contentment, the great politics that serves economic society progress and social responsibility. The application of video conference system conduces to fire control army be being begun effectively it is supervisory management, important to be on duty to put out a fire, rush to deal with an emergency comes to help and fear assault waiting instead the job, for informatization of fire control of Hunan public security construction adds a brick to add tile.

Build the task

The system of this video conference that fire control of Hunan public security builds wants to groom contented and basic daily conference, remotely not only demand, still want shirt-sleeve speech system, long-range supervisory system, 3 systems are reached with transmission network in all photograph picture, big screen shows, the equipment such as acoustics, implementation data, speech, video " 3 nets syncretic " efficient transmit.

Bureau of branch of system of a complete set of, total fleet, detachment, big (in) team 4 class, interior of public security fire extinguishing system is fore-and-aft between mutual cascade, as transverse as Public Security Department of the Ministry of Public Security, province between mutual also connection. Besides hold meeting of public security videophone, begin long-range education to groom into the system oneself relatively, still can realize total fleet, detachment hold a conference or consultation of video of ground of long-range to rescuing spot of rush to deal with an emergency of put out a fire different, can inspect direct to attemper reach the significant position such as duty rooms of pair of army of basic level fire control, garage, playground, assembly room long-range video monitoring, can save conference image transcribe, implementation is after line or meeting dibble seeding.

Build train of thought

According to integral demand analysis, design of system of conference of my team video followed principle of the following design.


This system offers equipment to design life to should be more than 10 years, use embedded the operating system prevents virus infection, satisfy requirement of telegraphic class equipment, can 365 days of × 24 hours successive uninterrupted move. Offer millisecond class, second course respectively according to the different level of of all kinds breakdown, minute class backup plan.
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