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Buy Webex to buy Marratech to Gu Ge from Cisco, put number to 3G from unified communication, come nearly one year, system of software video conference becomes the focal topic that causes industry attention and heat to discuss.

Unlike at present brand of abroad of market of conference of domestic hardware video a few alone big situation, in domain of software video conference, domestic brand takes the absolutely dominant place that occupies the market all the time. Be in active in the numerous manufacturer at market of software video conference, beijing power limited company of fast science and technology (V2) be have company of representative a China most among them.

What kind of user has what kind of product

Reporter: Roll out Chinese head money to have the V2 Conference 1.0 of video conference system of own intellectual property from 2001, to the V2 Conference Ultra of system of conference of high capacity video that the near future releases, v2 comes for years dedicated all the time become an industry to get the person that run at market of software video conference. In this process, especially 3 years nearly two, do you think what change domestic industry user produced to the understanding of video conference system? A what characteristic does market demand appear again?

Yang Dan: V2 regards China as manufacturer of the earliest software video conference, company from found up to now, dedicated all the time at domain of product of software video conference. As IT technology change, of network environment optimize ceaselessly, and the flying development of computer whole function, the advantage of software video conference also is being highlighted with each passing day.

Told video meeting in the past, everybody thinks that he must want the assembly room that goes to securing, this kind of idea is completely at present different. Nowadays market the confluence that what more mentions everybody is system of unified communication, business. Some users already owned system of electronic government affairs or ERP system, once he has online communication demand, we can help a client do conformity of a system immediately, finish online communicating through video conference. This market development is very rapid, this asks our manufacturer must want to make system of good oneself product, at the same time ceaseless and perfect, promotion all sorts of application functions, it is more mature to make the product becomes, more powerful, the user is more recipient also, be willing to purchase software to replace the hardware system that meets before them.

We all the time the viewpoint since is, the characteristic of the market of China of successful hang on of V2. Domestic user is right sound inspect the requirement with high-definition video, to the requirement of functional sex, still have deploy layer class dimensions of complex, system is giant wait for market demand to be in the whole world is unique.

For instance, in Chinese market, because class of the branch of government, enterprise, layer is very much, so the dot meets a big systematic user get on 1000 more than at every turn. A case of the some province Public Security Department that V2 does before this is, deploy of system of conference of video of network of this user requirement saves an administer completely to its all police station, many bits 3000 mutualer; And bureau of education of another some province wants will among them net of small all couplet, user dot also is amounted to 2000 many.
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