The core equipment of video conference system - MCU product is recommended - [1]

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Controller of MCU much dot is the core part of video conference system, its action is equivalent to the action of a switching equipment, it will come from the iformation flow that each conference field nods, after departing through synchronism, draw-out give frequency, video, information and the letter such as data make, the information that chooses each conference field again and letter make, send same kind of processing module, finish corresponding frequency mixes or switch, video mixes or switch, data broadcast and road by the choice, time peace conference discusses the course such as control, all sorts of information reset that want place of each conference field finally rise, send toward each corresponding terminal system equipment.

MCU basically handles 3 class number to occupy:

1. Video signal: Basically finish by video processor

2. Frequency signal: Basically finish data signal by frequency processor

3. Data signal: Whetstoning Wang of  of Sui of  of Tao  moisture in the soil vases

In addition, module of interface of the network in MCU structure and control processor also are indispensable. Control processor basically is in charge of deciding right way by the choice, mix or switch frequency, video, data signal, undertake controlling to the conference.

What everybody introduction is below is the MCU product of a few mainstreams.