Video conference system and application are moved toward " fractionize road "

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One, ? Setting

2007, video conference market of China attained scale of 2.982 billion RMB actually, and arrive from 2008 still will continue to carry the increase rate of 20% above 2010. In the meantime, as technical progress, the product upgrades ceaselessly, apply formal diversification, the application that is a foundation with video conference system and platform will gain ground more and more, the market and application are occurrent also change.

Soft hard video " high-definition " contest is tasteful

Develop energetically in software video platform and system, when the market of hard video of tradition of ceaseless nibble, the video platform that gives priority to with hardware and system use his dominant position, fight in some places one by one " high-definition " , begin from 2005, high-definition go all the way, from the earliest Cisco " the net is true " , to boreal report far true, wait to the Halo of HP again, it is a delegate with these products, video application will use freeboard clear technology, achieve the experience result of reductive spot. 2007, manufacturers of more and more video conference product are rolled out " high-definition " product and solution, in the meantime, as tall, medium, low the high-definition product of all sorts of terminal appears on the market in great quantities, software video firm also was rolled out all sorts of " high-definition " product and platform, firm of soft hard video begins to contend for this market jointly, the market can say to begin to be started formally. Begin from 2008, of technical progress and price go low to make high-definition change application of video conference system to get applied extensively becoming a possibility, add high-definition product farther gain ground quickly, this market will mature gradually and get admissive, predict this one process will last to 3-5 year.

User market upgrades, patulous busy

The large user that traditional video uses, include what the industry market front such as government, finance, electric power is facing a system to upgrade, it is actually to high-definition upgrade. The application of government and relevant industry more expand to respective terminal outspread, in governmental industry, expanding to 34 class market especially, system of a lot of conferences arrived at villages and towns one class, some places are based on reached village level. In each industry application, also ask to achieve each small terminal departments.

As a result of with soft hard the video conference system that give priority to has an advantage each, in applying actually, it is compositive mostly coexisted form exists. And the more advantage that has as a result of the place after both union, the applied limits that gives priority to with video conference system and platform and domain are ceaseless and patulous. The of all kinds application such as long-range education, medical treatment, product and market promotion emerges in endlessly, all sorts of application mode such as the hire that gives priority to in order to provide all sorts of video services innovate ceaselessly.
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