Where is the point of growth of future of video conference market

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Advance quickly of rapid growth of economy and electronic government affairs and enterprise informatization as the world, conference market obtained video to span continuously the development of type, be in early 2002 the beginning of the year, in the technique of heat of industry of this year IT that American IDG company forecasts, video conference technology ranks front row. "9.11 incident " and " of "SARS epidemic situation were to ignite video conference market more, occurrence explosion of video conference market develops situation form. The amount of video conference market of our country achieved 1.3 billion yuan 2003, 2004 is to achieve nearly 3 billion yuan more, will achieve 50 billion yuan 3 of predicting future years, video conference market becomes " golden mine " . Video conference market is so hot, domestic manufacturer go after sth like a flock of ducks thinks to share from which " cake " , for a short while, rise from all directions of smoke of gunpowder, of hardware video conference and software video conference contend for, of the technology contend for, of the price contend for etc emerge in endlessly, where is the point of growth with video conference new market? Is the future of video conference what kind of?  
System of conference of video of hardware of VS of system of software video conference

Since a day that when appear from video conference, of hardware solution and software solution contend for do not have overblown over- . Video conference enters practical phase truly only then at 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time, after ITU of international Telecommunication Union established standard of video conference H.320, manufacturer of each hardware video conference roll out the video conference system that is based on H.320 standard in succession. System of conference of video of hardware of this one period is the mainstream trend of video conference market. And the system of software video conference that is based on IP network at that time, because be done not have what market almost by the handles ability limitation of Internet IP bandwidth and computer, as the flying development of the processing capability of the computer and Internet, the system of software video conference of the latercomers surpass the formers to system of hardware video conference " old position " launched a challenge, at present conference system has caught up with software video to exceed system of hardware video conference even, incorporate is: In video effect respect: System of software video conference used advanced Mpeg4 software to make up decipher, the effect of image harmony sound that makes also can acquire successive high quality below very small bandwidth already. The video of the H.264 that at present system of hardware video conference is based on H.323 in research and development codes even if use the standard of MPEG4 and standard.   

In network demand side: System of software video conference, can use the network environment with existing user. Agree with from 56kb dial, ADSL, special railway line, the network environment that other perhaps way receives, get used to all acting servers and firewall. Can satisfy requirement of different network environment. And system of hardware video conference, the independent line that needs 384kb above commonly or only net, solve firewall problem complex, cost is high.   
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