As business users full access to the high era of video conferencing

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As the network users on the importance of information security and increasingly, network video conferencing system will be the most widely used online communication software. In the business users generally tend to use the video conferencing system for remote communication Through today, which also indicates that communication between business users remote access to video conferencing to communicate era. Click here to download the video conferencing system, as the high-coordination Messenger with free desktop software compared to video conferencing system with a more stable, more secure, more convenient number of advantages. The best quality audio and video effects, making communication more smoothly Desktop Instant Messenger software provides only the most basic audio and video capabilities, resulting in the application of user connections often poor, the picture is unclear, Pictures delays, frequent dropped the case, so that business users can not tolerate. As a professional remote communication software, as the high (Seegle) 2010 video conferencing system with audio and video features the most outstanding international leader in H264 video encoding technology, the audio without delay QOS techniques, gain compensation (GC ), Noise Suppression (ANS), echo cancellation (AEC) the use of audio processing technology to support all current video resolution, optional Full HD 1080P, HD 720P and SD (720 × 576) three kinds of high-quality video effects , The picture clear and vivid, full of bright colors, audio transmission can be achieved smoothly under adverse network environment fidelity, never dropped, to really meet the same communication as the real effect. Comprehensive meeting support tool to enhance the quality and market value of the meeting As high (Seegle) 2010 video conferencing system to meet business user needs for remote collaboration office, dedicated whiteboard module to facilitate the application. In this module, users can experience up to 39 kinds of online data operation For the function, supported by brush, lines, borders, graphics and other tools to mark and provide eraser, indicators, the starting point, screenshots and other useful features; online whiteboard drawing, many meetings to convey information quickly; also Multiple whiteboard parallel operation, especially for complex, large-scale meeting. The system also supports simultaneous play any standard multimedia file format, and synchronization cad file, pdf file, ppt file, Word Man Pieces, xls file, the effect is clear and smooth, video conferencing can enhance the function and market value. The most secure remote session, the meeting data protection is not compromised At present, real-time communication through the network medium and small enterprises, the proportion of users will choose Qicheng use of video conferencing systems, especially in the government sector, it is rarely used desktop, instant messaging software, a few Peaceful use of high security video conferencing system. As high (Seegle) video conferencing systems by 2010, all services authentication security, the verification process using double encryption (MD5, DES), to ensure system security, using a four-way handshake mechanism to ensure meeting Users Legal. The voice, video and data transmission used in all high-strength 256-bit AES encryption technology for dynamic data encryption, data completely eliminate illegal access to meetings, to ensure data security conference. Low-paid video conferencing, the optimal choice of business Although instant messaging with desktop software, network video conferencing system needs to pay, but as early as years ago, as the high (Seegle) had established a large network of video conferencing rental platform, do not Take the high hardware, only a small monthly rental fee can be established with colleagues, partners and a stable communication channels with the remote security and without the need for communication content, privacy and other important account information secure and worry Worry. Platform, a powerful gateway, firewall penetration, promote communication more freely accessible, and to support the server set associative and distribution, to make better use of bandwidth allows better quality video conferencing, meeting rooms each up to More than a thousand, depending on the high (Seegle) 2010 video conferencing system with a perfect combination of hardware, so that your long-distance communication more convenient and faster.