To attain product of system of conference of high-definition 1080P video guides

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Number and high-definition, become almost current the most popular conduct propaganda slogan. Photograph as the number improve ceaselessly like equipment, indication equipment, and network of high speed broadband gains ground, number and high-definition closer and closer from us, in video conference domain, each manufacturer also advocate hit " high-definition " concept, what is conference of so high-definition video after all?

The high-definition standard that is in the United States, Europe and Japan is 1080i, and level of Chinese high-definition introduction is 720P, top level is 1080P, 1080P is current top level, also be current at the same time real trend, it has the following characteristic:

? Implementation is truly high-definition: 1920x1080P, industry is highest picture resolution, high-definition clear, low bandwidth, 1080P comes true in the environment of 512k-1M;

? Joining together of image of rehabilitate of picture quality intelligence, nondestructive, every stature picture all can maintain free picture resolution;

? Use low the labial and synchronous technology to 0.5ms, make sound picture more fluent and harmonious. The respect is eliminated in noise, use sound of completely linear meeting to eliminate a technique, the noise that is as high as 30dB is eliminated make frequency more fluent and distinct;

? In pile up error correction respect by accident, can bear the network that is as high as 33% is piled up by accident;

? The site distributings and serve: As major of a world-class video conference serves trader, VChub in the whole world many countries and area install POP site, compose builds a safe and powerful network base, ensure provide the most excellent service to the client.

Use system of high-definition video conference, you can get admirable conference quality, image careful, colour true, picture is fluent. High-definition video conference is OK and meticulous the eyes that communicates the person that attend the meeting, expression and limbs language, the experience that communicates face-to-face, promote information to deliver an amount considerably, quicken the conference decision-making. Current, world other each country forward the standard of 1080P tries hard, and had had mature industrial catenary. From photograph will tell like equipment, the camera that supports 1080P has gained ground, and the price has fallen arrive reasonable level; Will tell from indication equipment, the LCD that supports 1080P gains ground in great quantities; Will tell from agreement and standard, the high-definition standard that is based on H.264 is already mature, had had mature chip, general high-grade PC has had 1080P decipher capacity.

We let us see the product of 1080P video conference of these maturity together below.