Shallow talk about system of true conference of high-definition clear video and

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Come for years, video conference system makes one of important standards that measure a lot of unit informatization construction to whether amount to mark, and in the unit that used video meeting truly, often hear application again the effect and anticipate those who have difference to complain, what block up be the development of video conference? Investigation shows, definition, when delay, the main factor that the promotion mode of the price that bandwidth, stability, tall house does not leave and operation business is development of industry of conference of block up video. And the definition that reflecting most intense problem among them is video.

Video of alleged high definition

Everybody is familiar with standard definition (SD) imitate TV. This is the TV that we understand and be used a few years all the time. NTSC makes type (use at North America etc a few areas) horizontal solution resembles spending for 525 lines, every second 30 frame picture. PAL makes type (the other area that is used on the world) it is 625 lines, every second 24 frame picture. Scan first the odd travel of dormant picture, scan next same the even travel of a picture news. Come so, two pictures can show at the same time go up in monitor, also call field of every second 50/60. This kind surprises / scan occasionally mode is called interlaced scanning, this technology is used at managing transmission broadband by development (specific network connective data leads a capacity) . This kind of resolution is called 480i, provide the picture that by 240 lines different message forms. The broadband requirement that is used at Qing Dynasty of family expenses mark is 45-90Mbit/s.

To small-sized video presentation implement (be less than 27 inches) , mark clear TV looks quite clear, fluent. But, if screen exceeds 27 inches, the picture quality of 480i format can have apparent fall. See toothed line, outline is vague possibly still, fade, visual noise and discontinuous movement.

Progressive scanning mode, serve as interlaced scanning replace a technique, improved the picture quality on big screen. Progressive scanning technology incorporates news of 480 lines image all right for a frame, next self-correcting picture quality. Progressive scanning reduced the toothed picture on big screen to make picture movement becomes more fluent. This kind of resolution of mark clear TV is called 480p.

Resolution of true picture of high-definition video presentation is 1080i or 720p, other resolution are not true high definition. The image information content that high-definition format provides wants than any mark clear patterns much. If screen resolution changeover is,resemble element, can see high-definition format can be offerred clearly than 480i format tower above the image information content of at least 4 times above.

If want to understand among them distinction intuitionisticly, can be TV screen imagination computer monitor. Imagine, 640 X 240 (be equivalent to 480i) drawing of image of low resolution number is met in 42 inches screen admiral is what kind of effect. Image general by twist, what because place of high quality view was not provided in the image of low resolution,need is enough much image information. What place of high resolution format has is taller can promote a picture quality like prime number, make the picture on big screen appears clearer, fluent. In video conference, the vision that this kind of technology can improve whole experiences and eliminate conference exhaustion. Color is more bright also and true, behavioral clarity is fluent.
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