China Mobile Phone Industry Development Summit 2010, held its first video recei

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Sponsored by the China Institute of Communications, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and other units organized the "2010 China Mobile Phone Industry Development Conference," December 22 was held in Beijing. Ministry of Industry and Technology Department inspector on behalf of the deputy bureau chief level Xiaohui, chairman of the Keya Chong Gu Songtao, 3M China Limited Liu, Marketing Manager and other industry authority, were made at the meeting theme of "five-second electronic information industry development plan "," mobile comics business analysis, "" energy-saving solutions for mobile phone display "as the theme of the speech, the first video website Division CEO Group Editor Yang Shuo this is done at the meeting entitled" Mobile Radio Service "The keynote speech. The General Assembly by the Ministry of Industry and deputy director of communications technology Chen Ruming chaired the meeting. The first video o hearing by the General Assembly issued the "2010 Best Mobile SNS in China Mobile Phone Industry Outstanding Contribution Award for Community Service," "Subway Line No. 0" is received the "2010 China Mobile Phone Industry Mobile Radio Product Innovation Award for the best." The first video as the sole and exclusive mobile phone radio SNS co-support the media participated in the conference.