Windows 7 Media Center to watch Internet video of frequently asked questions

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1 Why Windows 7 Home Basic can not be used? Windows 7 Internet video is Windows Media Center for Windows 7 a component, Windows Media Center is a Windows multimedia entertainment platform, the Windows 7 operating system only in Home Premium Edition and later versions available; to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium you can have the Internet video capabilities. 2, how to verify my version of Windows 7? Click the Start button logo bottom left corner windows, and run the file in the search, type winver, and then enter, you can see their version of Windows 7 which. 3, my version of Windows 7 is the family in general, how to upgrade to a later version? Key products through Windows update package (WAU) to upgrade the existing ordinary families to a higher version, the details can be found here. 4, Windows Media Center can not update, how to set it up? In Windows Media Center, the access to the task - "Set -" General -> Auto Download option in the Click the Download and save and exit. 5, can provide an independent update installation package? Not available, Windows 7 Internet video of the installation package and update package is only available through the online installation. 6, the maximum, the ad will replay it again? Currently playing some videos with ads may appear in this issue, the problem of the reason may be related to the quality and network connectivity; we are testing investigation. 7, can not update the restrictions and education network has a relationship? If education network users can download Windows Update, it should be able to download the Media Center update; there any limitations to the specific educational network for further testing; also can not update Windows 7 may be due to the laptop's power management optimization settings If the laptop in battery mode, Media Center update will be pushed back until the laptop work again in the power supply mode, start the update. 8, and antivirus software can not update a relationship, such as: Nod 32 Antivirus 4.0,360 7.0 security guard? If you use the 360 security guards in the 360 software, a key steward of the optimization capabilities, Windows Media Center update will likely be closed, let us with caution. 9, the picture is not clear, the general definition? Streaming video, video quality determined by the service provider network, the higher the video stream, the picture more clear, but the higher bandwidth required in order to ensure smooth playback level; so that service providers need to screen resolution and play to be a balance between fluency in order to ensure the mainstream in the current domestic broadband access, the user's overall viewing experience; current Internet video in Windows 7 video stream to 300k and 600k stream-based, including 600k watch streaming DVD quality can be achieved, while broadband access in the 1M condition smooth playback; future upgrades with home broadband connections, service providers will be appropriate to consider upgrading the video stream and clarity. 9, less content? The current set of Internet video offers over 11,000 TV sets, about 350 full-length films and documentaries, as well as a large number of original video programming; all are genuine content; genuine capacity, especially video programs has been included in TV hit series and the latest In recent years the TV series. CRI / Sina / Sohu content will be continually updated to provide the latest and best content to the user; no national TV movie broadcast licenses issued by the program can not provide Internet video If you prefer to watch what legitimate programs, but also a message that we can communicate with service providers strive to provide. 10, the volume of different suppliers is relatively large difference, CRI sound relatively small, relatively large Sina sound? Windows 7 Internet video quality and content of the programs controlled by the service provider, due to the different service providers in the video program source technology platforms and different, so the program will be presented in the final differ; Windows 7 will not sound, and video property to be modified. 11, How to watch foreign programs? Windows 7 Internet video services in different countries with different service providers to provide compliance with local laws, regulations and habits of users of video content; for copyright protection and compliance with national norms reason, we recommend the use of Chinese users watch Internet video providers in China video content providers. 12, can not install plug-ins Sina video? Sina and Sohu video plug-in installation process controls need to detect Adobe Flash Player is already installed on the PC. If there is no Flash Player will require users to install the latest Adobe Flash Player controls; require users to click on the Install button interface. 13, whether there will be cached, stored in a local position? Windows 7 video content for Internet video local cache not only provides streaming media, browse data on there, in the% localappdata% microsoft ehome Extensions Catalina store next. 14, need to take TV card? Watch Internet video does not need TV card (TV Tuner), only Home Premium, Enterprise, or Ultimate Windows 7 and broadband internet access; but after the installation of TV cards, part of the Internet video capabilities, and Windows 7 Media Center's radio and television functional integration, such as electronic program menu, Mini Electronic Program menu, search, Desktop Gadget, etc., the user experience better. 15, need much bandwidth? Network bandwidth required depends on the content of that stream videos, and video service providers (CRI / Sina / Sohu) streaming video services; Windows 7 video in the Internet video streams to the main stream 300k and 600k , so long as the user's broadband connection bandwidth is greater than 600k to smooth viewing; 1M broadband connection is recommended; 16, why can temporarily display the video library, how to solve? Usually due to network connectivity issues or regional and language settings in the format, location management in China will lead to not set this message, please make sure the settings are correct, and the Internet connection is no problem, then try several times more 17, when the video card often? Playback quality of streaming video service by the service provider network (the network server and video acceleration back network), broadband access networks, and the performance of the client PC joint decision; Windows 7 Internet video service provider (CRI / Sina / Sohu ) are on the Internet provided a stable background of the video services and video acceleration services; if the user's PC if performance is not the main bottleneck, not smooth video playback should be mainly caused by the network; in the broadcast of a video stuck phenomenon occur several times recommended to close the current video playback, Wait a moment, or watch the other video first, waiting for network connection and stability after watching this video. 18, why regional and language settings of the format, location is changed to the United States, and the management also copy the settings to the screen and system accounts, see the video or from China? Format, location management, set mainly in the Media Center first installed Internet video component is effective, when the system has been set by China's regional download the update a number of components, to modify the format, location, management has no effect. We do not recommend users to use non-Chinese Internet video viewing video content service provider 19, toggle full screen and window of time, the video will re-buffer, can improve the look? When playing some video of this phenomenon does exist, and strive to improve the next release.