4 tide that video conference system develops

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The development of video conference system is OK end is tide 4 times: First time tide is to dial systems of group of group video conference, it is system of conference of ISDN desktop video the 2nd, it is the video conference system on LAN the 3rd, the 4th tide is the system of multimedia video conference on coming Internet.

The target of multimedia video conference is the need that includes all tomorrow meeting: The solution of video, frequency, graphic representation and data unifinication, whole environment is but augment, can open; Real time and blame are real time communication application, can store the conference; Unifinication media is derivative unifinication network concept, can connect with IP network each other; Whole system includes video conference, frequency conference, Web conference and ICQ instant information, and the instant memory of pertinent information and broadcast.

Anyhow, system of multimedia video conference is collect video, frequency, image and data the solution at an organic whole, whole environment is but augment, can open, can store, expanded greatly traditional conference TV idea, main and shirt-sleeve the following 3 kinds of forms:

Conference (the conference) : A kind of means is to if the real time such as phone, media corresponds,be used, another kind of means is the data conference application that is a foundation with Web. Will look from this bit, the instant information that the conference contains, can be frequency, video or text form, and if be revealed remotely,wait for narrow sense application. It is the conference TV function that attends to traditional idea is compatible and accede.

Casting (broadcast conference) : Nod pair of dotty broadcast namely, have taller real time sex. Today, major Casting is to be based on Web means and inspect frequency to shed a technology, if the way develops, interview, the spot is met etc. Casting brings into broadcast function conference system, this is the augment of pair of conference TV.

Caching (can store the conference) : It stores to having real time in the content of to sit a meeting, can store at the same time broadcast at the same time. Major Caching application is based on shed media, the conference is recorded by real time, frequency and video can be saved with format of some kind of file. It has Web Server and conference TV system each other is connected, by closed system conference TV system development makes open system.

Type of each other of much hand over item by item is the mainstream

Video conference system is at first " the place is bit righter " means, in recent years, the development of Internet promotes video conference system to " the dot is nodded to how " reach " much place is many bits righter " way develops. Conference of video of type of each other of much hand over item by item is current the mainstream of the market, the occurrence of many bits of conference will quicken the development pace of OA and visible long-range office.
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