Deployment of video conferencing systems as high-achieving information Baojing

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To effectively promote the further development of e-government of Hunan Province, to enhance the level of education management modernization, Hunan province decided to launch the construction of educational video conference system. Baojing County Board of Education to respond positively to the call of the provincial government Strictly enforce the provincial government put forward the "education province" strategy, launched the "government information technology to drive educational information," the key infrastructure projects, the final decision on-line video conferencing systems. After many types of product knowledge and the same horizontal contrast, coupled with strict evaluation, Baojing County Board of Education decided to use as high (Seegle) video conferencing system as the various primary and secondary schools, the Education Bureau and other institutions Between the online video learning platform. As high (Seegle) the full application of video conferencing, and ultimately help Baojing County Department of Education implements the following functions: First, build a platform for effective meetings. Baojing County Board of Education through the system, erected with the provincial Department of Education, Bureau of Education and affiliated partnerships between schools and efficient platform for meeting, Department of Education, school leaders and teachers do not need to go out to participate in relevant meetings as you can, save time Effort. Second, real-time interactive office platform As high (Seegle) video conferencing systems coordination office functions to help achieve real-time interaction Baojing County Board of Education office, internal leadership, efficient communication among schools, the policy to guide the rapid acceleration of transmission speed And more efficient completion of the Education Bureau of the daily office work. Third, establish a remote training platform As high (Seegle) video conferencing systems integration industry's most extensive data collaboration capabilities, comprehensive Baojing County Board of Education to meet the special needs of operational data, systems support meeting recording, to achieve educational resources To maximize the sharing of the source, and the remaining files, full of educational resources reserves. Fourth, and seamless hardware terminal As high (Seegle) video conferencing systems developed with the Education Department to do seamless hardware terminal, the terminal hardware to access audio and video images in video conferencing software, greatly reducing the cost of the budget cost. As high (Seegle) video conferencing systems deployed in Baojing County Board of Education focused on information technology center, Internet access to schools, the county number 40 has been successfully access to primary and secondary schools as high (Seegle) as Frequency conference system platform. And as high (Seegle) video conferencing systems and information platform Baojing education, ministries and agencies, seamless hardware video conference terminal, successfully improved system availability.