Video conference applies be able to achieve success one way or another

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The Guangzhou that is in China holds wedding, the close friends that is in Beijing and abroad can pass video see for a short while, and undertake the interactive; such as the blessing holds product news briefing in Hainan, synchronous video is watched and can interact in Beijing and Shanghai wait for; now, these application that concern through video can say is to emerge in endlessly, multifarious, actually, it is video conference system is doing the platform that prop up rear. Platform of video conference system passes old development, accompany those who follow a computational ability to increase, make up the decipher, further progress that compresses technology and communication technology to wait, slant previously " hard " platform of video conference system and product produced change. In the meantime, the application of video conference also begins big range to gain ground, show according to relevant data, be in 2008 to 2010, in video conference of the whole world the market will reach a peak, global market will attain the scale of 1.1 billion dollar 2008.

Quick march of soft hard video

Current, with the video system platform that hardware gives priority to, transferring to the systematic platform that gives priority to by software, on one hand soft hard fuse, it is hard on the other hand harder, soft softer. The expert Fan Zhengwu of video conference introduces, as a result of the buildup of computational ability, although the improvement of a few local technologies returns a few performance improvement that can be a system to offer a possibility, but processing of direct use software can satisfy average user requirement completely, the technical cost as the system of conference of new generation video that is based on IP network and communication cost, and the price of all sorts of hardware equipment is reduced ceaselessly, current video system gains ground more and more. And the construction of platform of software video system is more agile. For example, in a lot of large governments and institution, have supervisory system however without video conference system, original supervisory system has had many front camera to wait with the communication equipment among, in building course of system of software video conference, can be used completely and share. Another, taller to the requirement video conference can be used soft hard the kind that builds tie, if the market uses in big government, built mix with provincial capital big in the conference system that the city is crucial node, still give priority to with hardware currently, and waiting to prefectural town when smaller level is outspread, system of software video conference will have an advantage more.

The video conference manufacturer that gives priority to with hardware so, perhaps lean to software video a group of people of same interest basket, perhaps resemble Cisco same, produce hardware advantage more adequately, roll out " the net is true " video conference system, make the video conference system of high-definition generation, highlight the real experience; that emphasizes the spot as we have learned domestic manufacturer H3C also will roll out system of high-definition video conference before long. Nevertheless, be aimed at the circumstance of this respect, xing Yuelin says the general manager of embellish of Shandong hill big couplet that makes system of soft video conference, slant to emphasize high-definition systematic cost forcedly now will very costly, and user group is aimed at is special high end, the share that owns main body market is very small, and they also will continue to use software side dominant position, throw research and development, use software solution compresses a technology, accumulate power to high-definition development to boost system of software video conference stage by stage.
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