TV develops even net general the tendency into future

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Sony of Japanese TV big plant is by June published 2008~2010 year in company metaphase management guiding principle, besides enlarge core product income to reach rise outside obtaining the basic guiding principle such as interest rate, emphasize will video deliver (Videodistribution) , enlarge Blu-rayDisc relevant product to serve as prospective product to develop a stress. This develops, also show Sony of big plant of TV and sport engine hopes to reach use experience through new service, establish the additional value of the product, establish the advantage position that did not come on digital recreation. Future, consumer is when TV of choose and buy, not only should consider design of type of dimension, face plate, price, norms, exterior, whether as concatenate as the network? What can you obtain to inspect dispatch content through the network? The likelihood is the project of the consideration when buying TV in the future.

Change from HD march toward wireless change with network

Sony expresses, in all product categories before 2010 90% will collect network and wireless correspondence, come to the business that Sony bend popularizes with all one's strength a few this years figure catchword " Gao Hua qualitative world " (HDWorld) , will enter a new level since 2008, through wireless change reach domestic network function, the join sex that obtains product of of all kinds HD and can HD product reachs even the net use HD material neatly.

The PlayStationNetwork that Spring 2008 Sony can carry out is video deliver a service (use PlayStation3 to be platform) , second one phase is government application go up in its palm model sport plane PSP and BRAVIA brand LCDTV, predict to be since 2010 will enlarge each further on main product, wait as to the mobile phone can carry formula product, will be the end product of video and deferent service at the appointed time.

HDWorld is in through Sony of all sorts of media publicize energetically below, already achieved certain acknowledge to spend, many people know Sony now product of digital home appliance advocate those who hit is Gao Hua pledges namely, especially the product of FullHD(1080p) grade, if FullHD of class of theater of FullHDLCDTV, family is high-ranking,camera of number of projector, FullHD, ten million resembles prime number word camera and can watch the Blu-ray with FullHD video resolution to put computer of notebook of CD of image machine, Blu-ray (NB) and PS3 sport plane. Second the target of one phase can join namely the HDWorld that rise, if everybody accepts this concept, to Sony product of each high-ranking number sells admiral to have the effect that drives each other.

Sony hopes to be after HDWorld, through wireless reach network to build new difference to change strategy, can see Sony this action still continues to develop the strategy that PS2, PS3 gets online in those days, wait through PS, TV namely carry, strengthen with the client between interactive reach stick together to spend, develop new career business chance.
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