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[Content essentials] : Current, agency of of all kinds transmission appears ceaselessly, the citizen gets the way of information to produce very big change, to the government lash-up management job brought opportunity, also brought a challenge. The government guides news media actively only in lash-up incident, increase the capacity that answers news media, the palm controls the active right that news issues, ability dissolves the crisis effectively, enhance public letter power of the government.

In recent years, what as politics, economy management system reforms is farther deepen, industrialized, city changes a process to be accelerated ceaselessly, economic progress is greater and greater to the pressure of zoology environment, the society that causes because of increase demand in social transition period is contradictory and ceaseless grow in quantity, bring about nature thereby or break out communal incident artificially ceaseless emerge in large numbers. In sudden incident lash-up front of media of the news in dealing with or negative propagandist report are affecting administration greatly the discretion of decision-making quality, affect the mainstream consciousness of social community, affect sudden event directly even whether get smoothly dealing with. As the government that provides public service for the citizen, in the processing in lash-up incident ought to news of active and active change is publicized " what I say goes " traditional idea, pacify public mood through publishing information, achieve the goal of crisis of integrated resource conquer.

One, the characteristic that through an unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment the media below brief analysis new condition reports

At the beginning of this year, yunnan saved Dali city to produce unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment one case. On Feburary 13, ma Guangxing of student of major of politics of international of Chinese people university and a few classmates are in amuse oneself of Dali ancient city, ate a lot of fastfood. That evening, lodged to appear in the Ma Guangxing of classmate home abdomen is acuteness bilge the symptom that ache. On Feburary 14, ma Guangxing turns to hospital of Dali city people to treat, do not treat in morrow die, the hospital was made " acute dilatation of the stomach breathes a heartbeat to stop suddenly " death is diagnosed, the dead's family member insists to consider as unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment one case. 17 days midday, ma Guangxing's body is in by family member park mouth of gate of hospital of Dali city people, send the handbill, label that hit a horizontal stroke, want to denounce a view to the hospital, the traffic order, office order of the hospital gets very big impact. Because the door does not have medical treatment Ministry of Public Health to undertake the message is released in time, shed the view that expressing a variety of version socially for a short while, " spring wall evening paper " waited for newspaper to undertake dogging sock reportorial, sina rich guest, Baidu is stuck wait for media of much home network criterion with " act as if human life is not worth a straw of Dali state hospital, ward of undergraduate die tragicly " have a story for the problem, turn post, with post person countless, it is right mostly the dead is anounced sympathize with, have attack to the hospital, the figure of Dali state hospital is in the figure suffer a disastrous decline in numerous netizen heart. The case that produces in area of border area minority through this and before news media is Hua Nahu incident, southern to SARS epidemic situation, Shaanxi blizzard weather and short of Wenshui River plain the report of the incident such as earth shake, we discover current news media not hard a few brief characteristics:
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