Zhang Wenjun: Let high-definition TV walk into an innumberable families

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Interviewing Zhang Wenjun to teach had been this the 3rd. Remember interview Zhang Wenjun for the first time, it is to was 1999 in office of his Shentong square, up to now impressive, because I enter door hind to sit down, he pours water to me at the same time, pointing to on the desk one bundle of big delicate yellow rose at the same time, buoyant ground says: "My madam just delivers this to me, very pretty good! " contented affection is in overtones. He at that time is the professor of institute of information of electron of Shanghai traffic university, also be the controller of high-definition TV project.

Interviewing Zhang Wenjun the 2nd times to teach was 2003 during two meetings hold Shanghai, take the advantage of conference clearance, ask him a few questions, but his great majority replies is a few words- - " this never mind is good say " , also do not look to give smile on the face, look a bit tired. At that time, he is the dean of institute of information of electron of Shanghai traffic university, still be everybody because of high-definition TV place is familiar.

Return later now and then he has seen on the press conference that reforms about human affairs system in Shanghai traffic university, right now he has been the vice-president that is in charge of human affairs, but every time he always is fast-moving, basically sneaked away stealthily before the reporter wants to look for him. Because he is,be invited this to invite north to wear one of two Scientists and Technologists of Shanghai that the river goes vacationing by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the reporter contacts him again.

Interview from first time today, time of nearly 10 years, zhang Wenjun experienced the setback of life, also learned gentler the ground and person get along, balance the relation between career and family better, if using him, say even if: "Now turn one's head from begin to study high-definition TV arrives all the time of the standard contend for, arrive again today, this paragraph of hard way makes I view the world only with the perspective of a researcher no longer, true results is very much. And likelihood age is old now, real ground feels domestic importance, resemble going no longer in that way, can throw the family after the head for the career. Can throw the family after the head for the career..

A few days ago in be being interviewed this, although he is shaking the hand says all the time: "Say too much really today, must not write the word outside these problems that I say, looking is full of some of parent in short ah. " but, he still the madam that sunshine was full of the ground to mention him: "Marriage is harmonious the most important is two people very genuine, and must have an advantage, and the advantage can be admired each other and can complementary. The career should succeed, solid rear very important really. Solid rear very important really..

North wears the feeling of the travel of the river- - the hope takes a youth seriously more, the hope gives a youth more chance
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