Holand signs off the first times the country of ground imitate TV

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Holand stopped signal of ground imitate TV formally to transmit in December 2006, because this becomes the first to sign off the country of ground imitate TV, because this is not little,the person wants to know the state of Holand TV. Holand divides a phase to leave since April 2003 sow floor figure TV. Leave above all those who sow is Landeshidate upper zone, include the big city market such as Amsterdam and Lu Tedan. The 2nd phase begins first half of the year from 2004, enclothe Lan De to use tower spy complete land. The 3rd phase enters the whole nation to enclothe from December 2005. Leave from floor figure TV sow ground imitate TV to sign off common 3 years of time of 8 0 months.

It is by 2007, holand has family of 7.11 million TV. Holand is country of all-pervading of cable television height, have family of 6 million cable television, 85% what take TV family. Ground imitate signal was shut in December 2006 when, only TV of imitate of ground of backing of 75 thousand families. Accordingly, the transition to the number is being completed in Holand is relatively easy.

The telegraphic company KPN of Holand old brand is passing its IPTV and floor figure TV hard (DTT) platform pulls subscriber from wired operation business. KPN company is paying cost TV DTT platform the share of 80% is owned in Digitenne.

In Holand, long-term since wired it is low utility service, because this is wired,operation business changes these imitate TV families program of more expensive digital whole set is a formidable task. The menace that comes from other platform and upgrade need a large number of capital, cause wired operation trade between extensive conformity. Now, two platform are controlling the subscriber of 95% , every platform uses different method to be changed to the number. What ZeskoHolding is coordinating @Home, Casema and Multikable is amalgamative, they are aggregate have 3.4 million subscriber. Warburgpincus of private joint-stock company and Cinven buy these 3 companies, it is likely in this year below unified brand roll out a service.

Company of another main UPC of wired operation business is about to end sales promotion activity (supply equipment freely to new digital TV subscriber) . The UPC company below LibertyGlobal company division has wired subscriber of 2.2 million Holand.

KPN company is trying to prevent the plan that UPC company changes to the number. To the end of 2007, KPN company has subscriber of 500 thousand TV. This company did not divulge its IPTV and DTT have how many subscriber each, but estimate its the TV subscriber of 10% pays for IPTV service. In August 2007, KPN company falls the ordering cost of program of its DigitenneDTT whole set to the number program of wired and basic whole set orders cost the following. KPN company serves at rolling out complete IPTV in Feburary 2007.

These platform also must beware of is worn arrive directly door (DTH) . The DTH provider CanalDigital with exclusive Holand is by 2007 have 750 thousand much subscriber.
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