Opening ceremony of Olympic Games of Beijing of divulge a secret of SBS TV stati

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Compere (Dong Qian) :

The welcome is watched " news 1 1 " . This month 29 when a few detail that Korea SBS TV station broadcasted opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games publicly to rehearse, be two minutes of seconds grow when this paragraph of video, the detail that compere is aimed at this paragraph of kinescope still made introduce in detail and be commented on.

Today, korea SBS TV station undertook formal apology to BOCOG. Rock is soft, you how this kind of behavior of TV station of look upon SBS?

Bai Yan is loose:

We all people awaited for a long time, polymerization is together, await the beginning of a wonderful and magic performance, be in this moment, abrupt somebody jumps out to say, I tell you, this charmer is a little while what such changing is magic, you are to be him to applause, still feel ashamed for him? I think should be to be him to feel ashamed.


" news 1 1 " different analytic, above all we will see this thing itself.

Opening ceremony of Korea media divulge a secret is condemned


This is the video check scheme that is rehearsed by the Olympic Games opening ceremony of exposure on the net, video origin is a paragraph of news of Korea SBS TV station. This paragraph dares the press of opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, overall length dichotomy 9 seconds, among them opening ceremony picture is a minute about, be involved by the content of exposure opening ceremony show, enter ceremony, advocate torch is ignited wait for a variety of detail. Broadcasting when picture of opening ceremony rehearsal, advocate sow a young lady to still undertake solving compose a quarrel to comment on in detail, was full of pair of opening ceremonies among them praise, say this opening ceremony is giant, luxuriant, and mysterious. The SBS TV station that regards Korea as one of 3 big TV stations, this reportorial consequence is self-evident.

Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, this paragraph of video is uploaded domestic website, caused the strong reaction of Chinese netizen instantly. The netizen is written furiously, sponsor as the Olympic Games square, china kept secret a large number of painstaking effort are spent on the job in the opening ceremony, korea media is done so, extremely immoral. More the netizen expresses, should find out divulge channel, find out the offender that sends secretly.

Annoy besides drain, also a lot of netizens try to undertake to exposure content sober ground is analysed, the netizen is judged from the deserted audience chair in the picture, be patted secretly should be to rehearse first. Again netizen of a Beijing points out, this video picture is fluent, and have different seat number, should be professional personage place is patted. Still a senior netizen thinks, from the analysis on content, korea SBS TV station should master much material, what announce this is one fraction only. As to SBS TV station it is minute of batch exposure, or at this point go no further, still wait for observation. Also have one partial netizen nevertheless hopeful the earth's surface is shown, want with divulge a secret of common heart look upon, should be the conduct propaganda before the opening ceremony appears piece, after all of Korea media praise the one side that also allowed us to see the opening ceremony is successful.
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