The industrialization speed of CMMB created the miracle on commercial history

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On July 29, wang Xiaojie of director of department of science and technology of wide report total bureau was accepted in her office as agreed upon " Chinese broadcast movie and TV " exclusive special interview. A week before this, when the reporter calls her first, she still is away on official business in Sichuan. Walk into the office of Director Wang, she is standing to arrange her desk, be to put data of mountainous of orderly, accumulation before her, so that the reporter cannot find a proper point of view finally,take a picture to her.

Reporter of accost of enthusiasm of her one side takes a seat, laughing to remind at the same time say, "Interview can have a bit time only Oh! " nevertheless, decide 30 minutes formerly interview, she and reporter chatted 65 minutes, chat limits not only include to let her bring with proud CMMB, still have the job, study, life, still shared the life experience of her a few successes even. Science and technology manages the director's job is busy, interview here had not ended, the office opposite side has had another batch of guests waiting for her.

Sit in the Wang Xiaojie before the reporter, the bingle of neat shoulder, shirt of green broken flower, black on the west pants, go up besides wrist female watch compares the dial of finger of a black, white, white fashionable dress that does not have scale besides vogue, dignified in the grace that showing intellectual woman and spell able. Talking language fast very fast, decibel is very tall, splitting to what the reporter carries a problem to react, left hand is making the motion of auxiliary sex chronically back and forth. In whole cover a process, she keeps relaxed from beginning to end with riant condition, respecting is glad to be in, she can carry right leg to left leg, change a sitting position to speak with fervor and assurance.

Wang Xiaojie is conversable and straight-out, also can reveal her now and then the one side of true disposition. See on the net when her somebody gives out censure to CMMB when, her meeting anger and pat a brick to refute. Her explanation says: "They do not understand previously, understood now, do not sing CMMB paean on the net. Do not sing CMMB paean on the net..

Regard wide report as one of woman directors with total bureau not much amount to, she firm say " the cent that the director does not have sexual distinction " , but she is returned in covering a process is somehow ground blushed twice- - this one the mainest female feature. "The female does a thing to have tenacity more, inexorable, likelihood with respect to this advantage " . "From severe, attentive, pursuit perfect, conscientious " be her work style, "Should do an an observant and conscientious person " it is a word that she often hangs in mouth edge. To be in the wide cable industry that digitlizes level, she thinks to regard as currently hold the post ofscience and technology to manage the director drives digitlization and industrialization should adamantinely, lead the industry to direction, after wanting withstand 10 years the evaluation of others.
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