Analysis: Network video develops new trend

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To network video, after most website had stridden the doorsill of video license plate, spend energetically run a method to will continue continuously. But the development that a lot of problem still is perplexing network video, for instance copyright issue, capital problem still has the problem of video content respect. No matter be the actor cruel that video shares, potato or 6 rooms,wait, the PPlive of P2P, PPS, the aerial video that still is network TV (Openv) or of portal website sow a guest (video is shared) , the download of fast Lei Shi, facing a lot of problem. The settlement of the problem means, the author thinks to be in the advantage that combined mainland to change and fumble be met after profit pattern stage by stage be readily solved, so cannot too much and wait-and-see YouTube, differ with domestic environment after all too much. Combine native land issue, the author thinks network video has new trend of the following development.

Content standard

The case that perhaps does not take a hand in one's hand is taken in video license plate, below the environment of domestic Internet, the standard of content is inevitable, what ministry one's duty allows is disharmonious and the problem of edge ball should check, youTube is referred forcibly user information, because need a standard,believing also is content and can track content fabricant better. A lot of websites of domestic, especially video is shared kind, in short time or of period of time although ascribe to,shut the technology is optimized or other, it is to allow non-standard premise to fall to close compulsively inside actually stop undertake rectify and reform, this is cannot evasive reality, be based on video to share so kind website, it is to need those who superintend to strengthen on the problem that uploads content in control user.

Although video license plate is taken in one's hand, obtained a driver's license as buying a car actually, do not have card to be able to be punished, but having card to err also is punished all the same. So video license plate is not all-purpose, important still is oneself superintend.

High-definition video

The norms of network video is uneven, video effect not beautiful also is cannot the main problem of gain. After all the quality technology that the video that the user uploads cannot assure content on hardware, the website uses a technology to optimize also is infructuous, the content that so oneself produces should have window. Put in without advertisement advocate above the small video that can put an user on to pat advertisement, in high-definition video so the respect can have very large development space. The network is high-definition video did not see in other website, only aerial video has had attention, and the high-definition video of aerial video had been adopted stick an advertising mode, this is in high-definition video side allows, but the video content that the user uploads cannot come true.

And high-definition the trend of a development that is future, no matter be TV, disc or network video, will forward high-definition way develops, although there is the idea of too high to be popular now, the hardware condition as the user and watch a requirement to rise, believe to unplug the head prepares the aerial video that rolls out high-definition video to be able to have particular market first, also can lead a follow of video website tide.
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