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Go up century 90 time are prime, media asset manages (MediaAssetManagement, MAM) this one concept introduces China. Alleged " media asset " , will tell on broad sense, include the office place that media place has, manage fair facility, the capital of all kinds belongings that belongs to media: Narrow sense will tell, it is digital asset, namely media company is being managed, in producing a course, accumulate, the information of all sorts of valuable digitlization and data. Specific to broadcasting television industry, basically be to point to many video / frequency data. Alleged " media asset manages " , it is all sorts of pair of type media and content (if inspect / file of frequency data, text, picture) the overall solution that has comprehensive government, its core purpose is to make media capital fund permanent change, resource is changed, production is changed. At present of all kinds media has begun to realise media asset place has some enormous value correctly, media asset management becomes administrative layer and the popular topic that technical layer studies.

What is the end that media asset manages? IBM company once offerred the construction end of system of capital of a media, its want a dot to have: The biggest the value that changes property; Reduce classification, retrieve the charge with custodial material; Provide the capability that crosses an enterprise to get, design cycle quickly; Better safety defends, offer accredit, watermark to wait; Can the development that more agile ground answers technology and company business changes; Centralized, unified media asset manages. This a few main goal, it is certain to have draw lessons from value, but we need more precise purpose, ability finds more clear fixed position to run means and way. The ultimate goal that media asset manages is the value that realizes media asset necessarily, managing a resort already preliminary after be being built, how to build low cost, run media capital system efficiently? How dish of faster vivid media asset, in using media capital fund actually at production? It is property supervisor people the main task that should begin to begin to think. A bit of the integral structural frame that manages to media asset by right of the author understands, the article catalogues from video material this puts forward a few this understanding to the management of media asset on one hand only.

Make a catalogue is the process that to video frequency the object has one arrange and be abstractinged, will among them the pertinent information of valuable picture and data arranges the file that makes independence, facilitate retrieve and recycle. Job of make a catalogue is in significant position in media asset management, it tries the information in object of make a catalogue to extract and be arranged with the form of data unit, offer the configuration that retrieves a dot for video recycle. The video list that the dimensions that domestic place is engaged in now turns works, basic only then 2002 later, after getting in TV domain when computer technology higher rate applies, arise, because media asset runs the builds need to comparative technology of platform and corporeal condition, be in so country is only a few units built mass media asset to run system and list mass production, among them scale is the largest, produce per year a quantity highest is CCTV sound resembles library. Since media asset manages platform build need to cost material resources of much labor power, must content is worth somewhat, realize the economic benefits that media asset manages. Work through be engaged in cataloguing production is carried out, the author thinks to return existence in job of media asset management the deserves research respect of a few.
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