The necessity of monitoring of broadcasting television network and management an

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The article elaborated broadcasting television network to build a net to be in charge of systematic necessity and pressing sex, the function of 5 bassoon manage that introduced ISO net to provide a standard and net run an agreement- - simple network runs an agreement (SNMP) with agreement of common government information (CMIP) .

One, the necessity that broadcasting television network manages

Modern broadcasting television net is making a technology the system with complex, huge dimensions. People is deepened increasingly to the dependence of broadcasting television, the dependability that raises broadcasting television network and efficiency are to assure to satisfy information society not only the requirement place of good to broadcasting television network service is indispensible, also be the requirement that raises economic benefits of oneself of broadcasting television network.

Because the dimensions of broadcasting television network expands ceaselessly, complexity also increases ceaselessly, all sorts of new technologies, new facility applies in the network, the couplet net of net of backbone of national broadcasting television, province net, city net, county net, make net of our country cable television has formed the true the giantest network on a world, but this network is intricate, all sorts of technology system of organization coexist, national network, province net basically transmits series SDH net with the number give priority to, although each province net basically is SDH transmission system, but equipment production business is different, the encode believing a source of each province has MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 again two kinds of formats, net of city, county has SDH synchronous number to transmit, PDH allows synchronous number to transmit, in recent years a lot of city, county built ATM to exchange transmission net or IP net to wait again; This locality net is a foundation with HFC network for the most part, but transmission bandwidth each are not identical, build in net of inchoate city, county have 300MHz system, 450MHz system, 550MHz system, in recent years many city, county is transforming this locality net for 750MHz system, 860MHz even 1000MHz system.

Face such large-scale, complex the network of broadcasting television of connective of much manufacturer product with different compose, if cannot undertake administrative well, criterion this network produces integral benefit and effect adequately very hard. It is only in broadcasting television network, use advanced network management system, entire to broadcasting television network network has surveillant, control, the network defends the management that waits for many respects with operation daily, ability of broadcasting television network moves reliably and produce its advantage. The city as net of couplet of broadcasting television network, county is increasing, increase on the network more more component, functions and more users, the difficulty that manages these resource is apparent bigger. Accordingly, when undertaking broadcasting television network manages, need has common network to run an agreement, ability is right giant, of different compose, the different compose network that much manufacturer product forms has effective government.
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