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2007, video application is burned heated up Internet world, all the most popular keywords are concerned to it, more ecbolic YouTube such colossus. Enter 8 years, as the acceleration of process of deploy of mobile broadband network, video uses this internal heat, whether can escape to be manacled wiredly, enter wireless world?

On July 10, associate the mobile phone takes the lead in crying went out " video mobile phone " concept. Announced the as biggest as the CCTV international that has right of hookup of Olympic Games video exclusively and home video shares a website to actor or actress the strategy of cruel net cooperates not only, released brand-new " new visual field " product strategy. Follow the driving force of revolution of the Olympic Games, " video 2008 " mobile phone new campaign pulls open heavy curtain formally at this point in China.

Mobile phone development is stridden " look " times

Be in the United States that YouTube is popular, an IPhone that has 3.5 inches to exceed big screen let consumer produce main effect to watching the convention of video content. More and more users land YouTube in shift through IPhone, experience experience along with the video on the palm of quarter at any time. According to the United States the findings of some famous investigation company discovers, the purchaser of 63% has used IPhone to watch video program. This number is user of other mobile phone views the corresponding period video content is proportional multiple. In the meantime, this studies the report shows, mobile video is a tremendous business chance that did not develop.

In day Han, mobile phone video combined the innovation application of mobile phone and TV this kind to walking into the life of everybody. Data shows, in day Han two countries, video business already occupied the 50% above that serve to mobile phone appreciation.

Be in China, as number of TD-SCDMA, CMMB the network such as broadcast tries commercial to start, mobile video application logs onto the heart screen on consumer hand in succession. No matter be China,the 3G that shift offers moves video business, still be the TV of CMMB mobile phone that wide report total bureau offers, or is the Internet of EDEG network visit that passes accurate 3G, "Mobile phone TV " this noun already no longer distant and unfamiliar. Technical innovation makes procurable machine has been the 2 dimension world that speech gives priority to no longer. Some operation business is in charge of the official of appreciation business department ever expressing clearly, "From the point of whole development trend, speech business is met ceaselessly confluence arrives in appreciation business. Data business can be the core of whole business. With communication channel the service is a foundation, to dilate of industry of message medium, entertainment, it is the demand that appreciation business grows. Among them, integrated video business is very main, include bell of colour of monitoring of conference of video portal, video, video, video, video to chat, video call center and video sow a guest (video is shared) etc. " on the other hand, the market studies the newest research report of company ABIResearch shows, 2008, drive in what Olympic Games communication applies below, market of Chinese mobile video rises high speed. At the appointed time user of Chinese mobile video will exceed 32 million, among them the user of 27% will use broadcast technology, the user of 73% is used shed media technology. Apparent, 2008 is the auspicious good luck of mobile video business, mobile phone development of China will escape " listen, say " fetters and handcuffs, stride in the round " look " times.
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