Flower DVD takes countrywide half of country: Industry of the setting sun can go

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Flower the DVD video engine that the enterprise produces holds share of countrywide half market

What is spending the earliest pillar industry? Someone says is cement, someone says is leather, the electronic profession that very few however somebody mentions what make by native land entrepreneur to be one of dominant with VCD video machine. Actually, 1996 around, from 70% what spent the VCD video machine that produces to had taken countrywide sales volume.

Nevertheless, "Of resounding 1999 whole nation ' flower machine ' after incident, whole flower talks ' machine ' color changes " .

After 10 pass, should spend cement plant exits the market because of environmental protection problem already, leather is occupied by lukewarm city person all right went when half of country, be thought to had disappeared originally " flower machine " , abrupt however in May 2008 the portion appears the head comes, more than 50 native land cartel established a flower area electron guild, the Guangzhou city allied technology that rolled out DVD video machine after a month is normative.

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1996 of brilliant insanity

Once by countrywide encircle and suppress " flower machine " , at present the current situation how, do they still risk famous brand in copy? Flower can indigenous industry be in again does DVD video chance go much more remote on industries of such a the setting sun?

According to statistic, in local The Ministry of Commerce and Industry at present the door registers business of sectional industry of electronic electric equipment to had exceeded 500, annual produce is close 10 billion yuan. Among them, the business that produces video engine about 40.

If talk about lukewarm city to make,have to talk about lukewarm city shoe, talk about a flower electronic industry, also had not avoided " flower machine " .

The basis is spent a provide data of bureau of area qualitative inspect, flower the phonic video product of the area begins 1994, "Circulating inside course of study at that time ' world VCD China is built, chinese VCD flower is built ' mythological. " Xu Suling of deputy director general of qualitative inspect bureau is being accepted when interviewing, say so.

"Chinese VCD flower is built " mythological only then 1996. To the flower, that is a mad year. "Guest of a Liaoning abandons a bag of money in factory doorway at that time, demur does not say to turned around to go. But we cannot produce so much VCD engine at all, chase after Guangzhou to just return money to him. " the electronic factory that Long Baoqing establishs in those days is a flower area in those days 6 the earliest VCD create one of companies. He is recollected, at that time step by step advanced company has not entered this group line of business, domestic VCD is made most the area of etiquette model is spent namely, countrywide market share ever held when highest peak 7 into.
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