Comment: Traditional media persists of gain " alone 9 swords of Gu "

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Author: Luo Lan? Bei Ge consults a company

In the times of all corners of the country of multimedia unify medium, traditional media wants clear fixed position only, reader of gaze at target can keep his land: Reader paying fee always is faithful at traditional media, be happy to pay reading fee; And go up in small numerous market, traditional media still continues to maintain growth momentum, among them the key of gain comes from the ability that be thrown at the brand and innovates.

Come from Luo Lan? Bei Ge " the research of future of intermediary of paper of digital age tradition " (next weighing " research " ) make clear: Traditional media still has energy.

"Refluent " medium light is lubricious

Stride 2007, people had the tendency that grows continuously again on media consumption. It is with Germany exemple, people costs the time in traditional media, network, TV and broadcast to climb everyday rose everyday 525 minutes. However, the traditional media consumption inside global limits still glides continuously, it may be said signing up for course of study was to encounter cold current, since on 90 time have the century, maintained the momentum that be down all the time.

By 2002, the Europe that association of world cable trade announces everyday the sales volume of newspaper is 98 million about; And 2006, this one word is cut went to 94 million, drop every year more than 1% . In the west the situation of other place is more bad: German newspaper circulation dropped 9.3% , france dropped 5.7% , holand dropped 11.1% , england dropped 12.5% .

Below stagnant big environment, of Germany " Na Deri signs up for " however boat of travel of against the current. The daily paper that this whole nation issues, sell about 442 thousand everyday in Germany, before comparing 10 years many 33 thousand, created historical record. Circulation of Dutch Het Financieele Dagblad is low after confusing, also maintained persistent growth momentum afresh, sell about 56 thousand everyday, the nadir tower above than 2004 13 % .

Outside the brilliant example that signs up for course of study besides these two, popular magazine OK of England also outstanding achievement quite beautiful, this magazine since 1998 sales volume had raised 3 times, circulation makes an appointment with 683 thousand.

The success of these traditional media is accidental, does the media of different still area consume difference? Of course, this cannot be denied completely, but the prospective vivosphere of traditional media, what look and imagine without everybody is pessimistic in that way.

In Luo Lan? Bei Ge looks, every country happens to coincide the ground uses all sorts of methods to come prediction of a person's luck in a given year of reader of media of tradition of keep within limits, gliding trend, the defend competition to multimedia.

Strategy of case of Luo Lan shellfish sought advice to study the future of traditional media market from a lot of respect. The case that goes up according to their experience, client and numerous international, the analysis gives 9 successful element.
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