Perform abiding Zhan Laguang to gain ground to still need time in China with DVD

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Editor's note: Disc player market is annual the tremendous business chance of dollar of billion of a move in chess or a movement in wushu of be pregnant with. As the saturation of DVD, high-definition dish machine makes the inevitable choice of each manufacturer on catenary of dish machine industry. As high-definition number telecast enlightened, regard the consumption of dish machine as big country, china is added to the demand of high-definition dish machine situation is very swift and violent also. Next generation DVD formats differ because of physical format, cent becomes two groups. One clique is format of La Guang BD, another clique is format of La Guang HDDVD. On Feburary 19, 2008, toshiba HDDVD announces formally to exit the contend of format of machine of high-definition to leaving generation dish, the new structure of all corners of the country of unify of La Guang BD appeared on the international market. But, format of La Guang BD is in China of the market gain ground be not plain sailing. Current, next generation that are in our country are high-definition on DVD market, have glow the EVD of format of high-definition dish machine, NVD, the HDDVD) of CBHD(China edition of blue smooth high-definition format and BD dish machine, still need to call a protracted battle between all sorts of formats.

On Feburary 19, 2008, toshiba company announces formally, continue no longer research and development, production and sale HDDVD broadcast machine and quarter collection machine, affirmatory money is offerred in what products of pair of retail channel HDDVD stopped before the bottom in March 2008. So far, 6 years much high-definition format big fight drew last a period of time eventually a full stop. Publisher of source of tripartite manufacturer, program, shopkeeper and consumer need not be choice BD again eventually or be HDDVD headached.

BD won the get one's own back of the support of more content business and high-definition disc market after the victory. According to HMR(survey orgnaization) newest statistic data shows, appear on the market from BD up to now year on March 16, BD already broke through 9 million pieces in American disc sales volume.

This does not mean CD of conqueror BD(Blue-rayDisc blue light, by the norms of dominant of Suo Ni, soft coarse manufacturer) can unify all corners of the country, rather, the Zhan Caigang of the Chinese market of BD just began. This year first half of the year, each rolled out product of a La Guang below only on Chinese market Suo Ni and pine, and more is mix for revealing go to of situation with.

Because manufacturer of Chinese dish aircraft thinks La Guang BD still is existing the price exorbitant, patent fee is unidentified bright wait for a problem, in addition, in Chinese market besides have DVD besides, still wait for glow in development EVD, NVD high-definition DVD and CBHD(namely Chinese edition HDDVD) . Because this blue smooth BD is in China,the road of the promotion of the market is not plain sailing.
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