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"From long-term look, the day is filled ' content is king ' politic and right, after all content is media industry catenary medium high end is rare lack resource. But the high cost that operation group takes content, must combine commercial argumentation cheek by jowl. " on June 11, shanghai Pudong " forum of new media of the 5th international " go up, the day that has in commotion of new media industry to Ceng Yin fills mode, chinese larch capital is virgin reach executive copartner make sail to be evaluated so.

Right now, be apart from a day to fill break below 50 million U.S. dollor to take Ying Chao copyright to already had one year 4 months, right now the number below Shanghai article wide banner pays cost TV operation Fang Wenan is interactive (SITV) also introduced NBA match, at present this match also is entering finals time.

Fill the road photograph that pays cost the twist on TV in the number to compare with the day, the new media that basically included digital TV, IPTV, Internet and wireless application was without controversy ground to receive cultivated best time it seems that however.

"China is changing media to powerful nation from world media big country, the rapid development of new media makes engine, and Chinese Internet and digital TV are stepping investment optimal period. " that day, magenshidanli publishs a report to say.

MichelleGuthrie of president of limited company of Asia of capital stock of general collect Wei Dengsi generalizes illicit collect fund so the opportunity casting be in harmony of Chinese new media, "As dynamic to media market industry report, finance affairs and strategic investor had begun to pay close attention to the development of new media industry closely. Finance affairs and strategic investor had begun to pay close attention to the development of new media industry closely..

Controversy pays cost TV

"Content is making the characteristic of Chinese media and one of trends for king and sports content upsurge. " of Magenshidanli " Chinese media and Internet course of study are looked into " the report divulged from flank day of Cheng Yuwen is wide the motive that interactive expenditure weighs gold to take match of private parts Yo.

Magenshidanli carried out trustee Ji Weidong to cite two data serve as evidence- - income of Yao next year 20 million U.S. dollor, be equivalent to Chinese basketball association year income; There is 300 million person in what China plays basketball, see a world cup have 500 million person, and eloquence of American total person does not pass 300 million, "Because superintend opportunity of comfortable, advertisement,the investment of much, fan drives the element such as impulse consumption, sports match has opportunity of very big business in China. Sports match has opportunity of very big business in China..

Nielsen agency considers to pass " TV of 3 screen combination evaluates " also discover: In new media, have interact relevantly with sports incident in great quantities.
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