Compose of stage of Nanjing broadcasting television builds the research of full

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2007, group of Nanjing broadcasting television deepens reform, the attempt undertakes channel makes reform run, carry out a proof, this reform aroused vitality, each channel achieves established goal basically, realized nearly 10 economy gross of 100 million to make contribution for the group. Achieved the addition that close to also create a condition for progress of career of science and technology. Enterprise of science and technology develops the important step that is TV productivity, 2007, it is in 8 channel of Nanjing TV station, the program production that has 7 channel realized network to make, in home wide cable industry starts prior hard disk broadcasts automatically network system and follow-up are transformed those who finish inside embed full stage advertisement to broadcast more full stage integrates the system broadcast provided strong support, technology of advanced digitlization, network is applied make the TV program produced two efficiency to get revealing, sufficient also test and verify in TV of wide cable industry conduct propaganda, industrialization runs what cannot leave advanced technical platform to prop up, the effect that place of new technology system produces has been other way cannot be replaced.

2007, stage of Nanjing broadcasting television is managed by total bureau science and technology assess is base of test of digitlization of the first batch of TV stations, network, this since is in to stage of Nanjing broadcasting television the affirmation that progress of career of past science and technology works, also be the vast power that next digitlization, network builds at the same time.

2008, to get used to the market better, face competition, group of Nanjing broadcasting television will deepen channel to make reform further, joint-stock source is made further on career construction, progressively implementation resource is shared. Day of 8 channel of Nanjing TV station abstains program volume to reach 17 hours, accordingly, the intensive that closes to get used to TV station interior to have cent changes the production, need that reduces cost, go up to wait to program resource, technology natural resources, information natural resources in development of science and technology share raised taller requirement, the construction that is network of will full stage essentially mentions the order of the day. Face the new change that career, industry grows and new requirement, at the same time according to stage of Nanjing broadcasting television annual what science and technology throws is actual, face the construction of full stage network henceforth, establish of stage of Nanjing broadcasting television will with wide report total bureau " digitlization network builds white paper " for guidance, explore the road that full stage network builds urban TV station.

To stage of Nanjing broadcasting television, because construction of early days digitlization, network has had certain foundation and dimensions, it is firm objective above all, notice proper protection invests formerly, from be badly in need of be being made, compose establishs framework, make joint-stock source, achieve new structure of full stage network stage by stage. With full stage media asset manages on the measure that start and full stage collects business board piece nod to be cut, to each business board piece the interconnection each other between is connected undertake confluence is transformed. On time node, plan to be in the portion perfected this to study a report in June 2008.
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