The Olympic Games of new media is carried out - it is with CCTV exemple

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On December 18, 2007, the autograph makes an appointment with CCTV international and international Olympic committee, become Beijing 2008 Internet of Olympic Games government / orgnaization of floating platform hookup. The CCTV obtains the rights and interests of new media hookup that awards alone for the first time on Olympic Games history successfully.

On May 1, 2008, as cash our country the acceptance with Olympic Games of hookup of high-definition TV technology, "The CCTV is high-definition and integrated channel " leave formally sow, become the high-definition TV channel that the first open a way broadcasts.

Without doubt, new media will act important role on the Olympic Games that held in August, and the CCTV also will show distinct effect in competition of numerous new media.

Cost of expenditure a huge sum intervenes Olympic Games new media travels, consideration of what kind of strategy does the CCTV have? Olympic Games of what kind of new media reports a plan? Business of what new media will obtain tremendous progress to aid accordingly push?

Borrow situation? Layout

In high-definition TV respect, according to CCTV Liu Lianxi of director of editorial office of high-definition and integrated channel introduces, CCTV is high-definition and integrated channel already was sowed at leaving formally in Beijing on May 1, 2008. The last ten-day of a month in June, convey formally with wireless emissive means in Shanghai, hookup of its be born obtains substantial progress. The others of island of emperor of Tianjin, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Shenyang, the Qin Dynasty, Guangzhou the CCTV of 6 ground is high-definition and wireless send the job to also be in insecurity undertakes.

High-definition and integrated channel passes CCTV in astral 6B satellite covers the throughout the country. Can mix through TV of floor figure telecast, wired number be born of 3 kinds of means enters direct seeding satellite door. Current, our country receives satellitic signal to have clear restriction directly to the individual, enter network of wired number TV to need company of as wired as the place network to talk things over, accordingly, floor figure TV facilitates directly most undoubtedly.

Current, total bureau of national wide report already deploy in the whole nation TV of figure of floor of 37 cities construction is transmitted with emissive system, include sheet of city of Olympic Games city, municipality directly under the Central Government, provincial capital, plan to list city. The frequency of 37 cities plans also already perch. Wide report total bureau strives to push its in the whole nation with a few years of time, at the appointed time the person of 90% above of countrywide can watch CCTV through the means of wireless number TV high-definition channel.

In other words, CCTV is high-definition channel can bypass the place is wired network, meet with the audience directly. What together with executes at present is free watch policy, of a huge sum make the deficient that sows reserve of content of cost, program, make local TV station cannot form strong competition in this one domain and CCTV.
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