The benefit with 3 shirt-sleeve nets and fraud analyse sharp Shuang Renjian

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Expected long already Beijing Olympic Games to fall satisfactorily eventually heavy curtain, this hundred years grand meeting brought a lot of surprises and change to China. Beijing Olympic Games arouses the passion that gives out a Chinese not only, also aroused industrial group to be opposite " Olympic Games of science and technology " the determination of ceaseless enterprising and implementation, brew old 3 nets confluence also be in especially 2008 obtained very great progress, of TV of TD/CMMB mobile phone rolling out is a very good example. Be in " Olympic Games of science and technology " below pursuit, china let a whole world see with what differ before the Olympic Games corresponds, guest of mobile phone rich, wireless broadband gets online, bell of dispatch of order programme of video of mobile phone TV, Olympic Games, Olympic Games, multimedia colour, mobile phone is right tell... the Olympic Games report of much channel makes 3 nets shirt-sleeve show at the beginning of might.

The 3 nets confluence that we often say is to point to the confluence that business of high administrative levels of telegraphic net, broadcasting television net, computer network applies. Expression agrees for the incline to on the technology, interconnection each other can come true to connect on network layer, be permeated each other on business layer and across, uniform communication agreement is used on applied layer, 3 nets confluence is helpful for what network resource achieves the oldest rate sharing. Industry thinks 3 nets confluence is hasten of general trends place now, it is to cannot not go against the tide that turn, so, is the advantages and disadvantages of 3 nets confluence how to be measured after all? It is benefit is more than fraud, fraud is more than benefit or advantages and disadvantages Where is half? Might as well below us will be analysed.

(one) square: 3 nets are shirt-sleeve, benefit is great

3 nets confluence basically is behaved agree for the incline to on the technology, interconnection each other can come true to connect on network layer, form without seam enclothe, be permeated each other on business layer and across, the incline to on applied layer uses uniform IP agreement, managing on mutual competition, mutual collaboration, offer diversification, multimedia to change to the mankind forward, the same goal that individuation serves is handed in gradually collect together, industry put under surveillance and policy respect also gradually incline to is unified. 3 large networks pass technical reformation, can provide the communication business that includes the integrated multimedia such as speech, data, image. Since say 3 nets confluence is hasten of general trends place, so 3 nets confluence is sure its marvelous advantage become reconciled is in, the author arranges induce as follows:

(1) from us user angle looks, "3 nets are shirt-sleeve " can bring more more rich, convenient information application to serve for the user. News service will change the multimedia such as character, one's voice in speech, data, image, video to integrated business by single professional work, the user can pass onefold terminal or receive means to use service of of all kinds news. Additional, since 3 nets confluence is the conformity of terminal, its can pass platform of a terminal to present a variety of professional work to the user at the same time, can reduce operation difficulty and complexity effectively so, reduced an user purchase cost, lowered the threshold that business uses.
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