Discuss: New media is surrounded in the profit pattern of TV medium

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Of the flying development as science and technology and medium concept evolve ceaselessly, our located medium times had been entered gradually wait for the new media times that is a delegate with media of digital media, network and mobile media. We everybody cannot be disregarded " new media " the major effect that lives to human society.

New media guides in its brand-new medium concept below, the innovation that goes up by right of the technology and the freedom that transmit a mechanism to go up are extending medium market quickly. In new media times, TV regards traditional media as medium the strongest one party, how to when facing the opportunity that new media brings, use, how to innovate again? How to answer when the challenge that faces new media to bring, what course to follow? It is worth while we are thoughtful a task with research.

The article is research target with TV medium, bring TV the influence of media through analysing the union of new media technology and TV medium, will elaborate the profit pattern that lays Chinese TV medium in new media technology, corresponding strategy and strategy formulate on this foundation.


Since our country transmission media company is executed " the career changes a work out, the enterprise turns management " when, enterprise of our country medium begins the front to face " profit pattern " problem. At this late hour, to medium enterprise " profit pattern " the research of the problem already became heat.

Right " profit pattern " concept, definition, the problem such as the feature, have discuss research more adequately to be centered in domain of economic management course more, studying a target is pair of average companies more " profit pattern " analysis. To medium enterprise " profit pattern " although the research of the problem can draw lessons from the academic positive result that pattern of profit of company of field of economic management course studies, but as a result of the status with medium special enterprise and position, make problem of pattern of medium company profit appears more complex.

Profit pattern is onefold as intense with each passing day as competition, make China traditional of TV medium live and development problem is increasingly severe. Fall in the strong impact of new media technology especially, regard as and the TV medium with the most close together union of new media technology, nature of its profit pattern is taken seriously by the height of academic group and academia, to its the research of profit pattern problem appears very be necessary, very significant also.


Of one problem put forward

New transmission technology brings new transmission pattern, and the profit pattern with new transmission mode new need will prop up. Affect by new media technology, mode also is faced with the gain of TV medium to change deeply accordingly.

Be in early 1998, the scholar is managed to medium of our country TV depend on advertising problem badly to express concern, think pattern of onefold advertisement profit stabilized development to bring serious limitation and menace to the abidance of TV industry.
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