TV develops even net general the tendency into future

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The member that at present the whole world logs onto in PlayStationNetwork already was accumulated reach 9.8 million person, and but the whole world of Sony electron product such as the PSP/PS3 of corresponding network already had 5, 0 dimensions, deferent to promoting movie service and relevant new career hold reason future Sony in the arms hold upbeat mood.

The broadband is changed enlarge TV platform to serve limits

Sony is firm of lead of product of electron of sex of global number consumption, and plane of TV of draw together of contain of category of its group business, sport, various can carry type to consume sexual electron product, and have cause of the film, music, because this is like ConnectedHDWorld and product of consumptive sex electron,can link a network these product strategy can be fulfilled, to its the further growth of each career has openly help.

As to other TV course of study person, because do not have the resource of Sony so much, go up in network application so, basically be face concatenate oneself commodity or it is with entrance network cooperative means begins.

in light of the function of network / join of lowermost rank, almost every Japanese TV firm provides alleged Link function, the VieraLink of the BRAVIALink that is like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba (the REGZALink of Toshiba) , Xia Pu (the WoooLink that the KUROLink of the FamiLink of Sharp) , pioneer and day establish, basically can hold with onefold remote controller namely accuse compatible television, DVD or La Guanglu to put the domestic theater machine such as machine and acoustics.

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