Discuss the artistic quality of pickup composition of a picture

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TV serves as media, its develop to from inchoate image has voice, become a kind of artistic carrier to nowadays, of speed fast, anybody did not think of beforehand. Respecting pickup composition of a picture must say what is composition of a picture first then, composition of a picture this name, still result from western art, study is drawn on the west, this is a course, be called composition of a picture. This name is in composition of a picture our country is used not very is generally, the reason is to be in China in picture talking, do not make composition of a picture, and cry " layout " , or cry " management position " . Photography composition of a picture is be changed from the composition of a picture of art and come, what use in photography bound is not much also, the habit makes a way is " find a view " . It is traditional Chinese painting is medium no matter " layout " , " management position " , in still photographing " find a view " , it is partial content only, cannot include all implication of composition of a picture, so picture composition of a picture is the problem that the cameraman inside photography technology limits is willing to discuss least of all. People is accepted, some life come to what have perfect to a composition of a picture picture to feel power, and the ability that another some of person has this side far from however, to composition of a picture, only tuitional a few basic principles are enough, in addition teach again useless also. Common saying says: "The picture does not have calm law " . Composition of a picture is process of a thinking, the disorder that it exists from nature finds out order in the thing. "Composition of a picture is an organization process, it organizes element of a large number of messy composition of a picture into possible whole " (this. Kelaimen) form of art of avery kind of has its distinctive rule and principle. The ancients cloud: "Not with custom, do not become circumference " , photograph not exceptional also like art, principle of rule of composition of a picture of painterly, movie, form photograph the law that resembles composition of a picture and principle, say it resembles the art of composition of composition of a picture to photograph.

Have some of TV work, although the theme chooses very good, also have certain thought intention, but because be on composition of a picture,pay attention to not quite, did not care about on radial processing, the watch is owed on type of reveal one's true features think, work comes out to do not have imposing manner and artistic conception, cannot touch an audience, this did not master well because of the author namely and use this art of composition, lack vivid artistic conception. The principle of pickup and picture photography composition of a picture basically is consistent, but both film expressional form has difference, make art of composition of composition of a picture also is put in a few difference. The photograph is to secure a picture for an instant, and pickup is motion dormant picture. Although the cinema is shown the film has a lot of collective place with the TV that shows in TV, but the 1/20 that has tremendous film screen picture only as a result of the image in TV, filming difference exists again on art of composition so. Must master TV this characteristic, on pickup composition of a picture, sure want cancel all " needless redundant thing " , commanding use medium shot, close shot, feature article or story more, use distant view less, can use appropriately panoramic, commanding use half cadence camera lens less, namely medium shot of medium shot unlike, panoramic unlike is panoramic. Want on composition of a picture very reluctantly give up what one favours, must make a picture some more compact.
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