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Server of wall of TV of video conference appropriative is recommended - [1]

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Gain ground gradually as what video conference applies, all sorts of conference demand of the user also are being updated ceaselessly. Current, apply this kind to video conference " leader " project and fundamental application, its also raised taller requirement on video presentation means and video presentation effect, then demand arose: Advocate assembly room need is watched at the same time many or the clear picture of entire chapter field. Commonner now settlement method is odd picture or only way are outputted to output a few pictures on an indication equipment- - namely wall of TV of many minutes of screen.

If want to realize TV wall to display a function in video conference application, the indication of main need sets stock: Many TV perhaps carry TV of a kind of when cast unit joining together and become big screen, plasma on the back (PDP) , indication system of article of video, graph, liquid crystal (LCD) etc, according to distinct effect requirement and dimensions ask to be able to undertake choosing. And main indication source outputs equipment TVS, it is drag in arrives the key with whether ideal system of whole video conference.

Server of wall of TV of video conference appropriative can be mixed with the video conference terminal that is based on H.323 MCU system cooperates to use, be in the picture of clarity of many assembly rooms TV wall or output parts in other indication equipment, there is main effect in video conference.

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