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Open handled official bussiness 2009 tide: Conference of video of 3G shirt-sleev

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The market analyses information of orgnaization plan world (CCW Research) in new express in a published report, market of system of Chinese video conference still was maintaining smooth growth 2007; Growth of market of system of conference of pure software video is rapid; Mixed net and market of system of Internet video conference to hold the dominant position of the market; The government still holds mainstream position in market of user of industry of video conference system; The cooperation of manufacturer of system of software video conference and operation business is more close; The appreciation such as the service that rent serves the market to be valued gradually. According to statistic, sale of market of system of annual video conference achieved 3.28 billion yuan of RMBs 2007, maintained the growth of 17.8% 2006 relatively. What the main motive force of growth comes from the people buildup to understanding of video conference system and broadband network environment is perfect.

Video conference system says the conference TV, conference that inspect message to wait again, can come true to mixed many to convey in real time at 2 o'clock data of mobile image, speech, application (the electron is white board, graph) the information that waits for a form. Current, main component is the product of system of conference of our country video two kinds big: One kind is the firm that provides a tradition to be based on system of conference of video of network of special railway line, be like the manufacturer of system of conference of video of H.323 agreement standard. Another kind is to provide the system of integrated video conference that is based on Internet. Traditional video conference system is given priority to with hardware, its technology basically results from circuit exchanges a system, core is unit of many bits of control (MCU, multipoint Control Unit) . But the deploy cost as a result of hardware is higher, and safeguard not easily, use not quite agile, reason fails to popularize application extensively. Compare with photograph of traditional system of hardware video conference, system of software video conference can use existing network environment and computer device, can provide assuming look the phonic video quality at hardware system and more rich data cooperation function. Accordingly, product of cheap and fine software video conference, in in last few years special draw the attention such as government, enterprise.

On June 12, 2008, china International multimedia inspects dispatch height forum and product to reveal can hold in Beijing, this congress gathered together company of communication of video of domestic famous expert, domestic and international multimedia. Aim to discuss current situation of trade of communication of domestic multimedia video, good luck and development, multimedia inspects dispatch property mix with future and the technology that introduce foremost edge now applied solution.

Regard system of conference of video of software of first of share of Asia-Pacific region market as the manufacturer, power fast (V2) science and technology carries Yamaha of expert of installation of global partner frequency, whole world this to precede collective ginseng of Global IP Solutions of supplier of IP communication solution is exhibited, exhibit demonstrate in the round fast (V2) science and technology is in the technical reserve of the banner, rich, unifinication that does to issue the arrival of generation network news report. Power fast (V2) the ginseng of science and technology is exhibited, besides show new technology for broad client besides new product, at the same time adumbrative also as IT technology change, of network environment optimize ceaselessly, and the flying development of computer whole function, the advantage of software video conference also is being highlighted with each passing day.

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