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Video conference consumed enterprise of the first year of an era or the reign of

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Platform of video conference system becomes more convenient and simple use easily, the applied mode of video conference is more and more agile also, medium and small businesses becomes more and more general to the consumption of video conference, video conference moves toward public marketplace by small numerous market; The video application demand as a result of the user is additionally exuberant with each passing day, emerge in endlessly with video conference is like the new application such as long-range education, monitoring outspreadly to expand, company application will be pulled use growth height the 2nd round, so these will adumbrative moves will become video to consume the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor 2008. Show according to relevant data, be in 2008 to 2010, in video conference of the whole world the market will reach a peak, global market will attain the scale of 1.1 billion dollar 2008.

Inspect the innovation ability with remarkable dimension to bring up high quality Internet communication product and client of extraordinary service spirit help to realize the dream that communicates indefinitely; Raise an orgnaization decision-making efficiency, save orgnaization operation cost, rise groom efficiency and enterprise cohesive affinity. The market with old course examines and large industry client applies, summary gives an enterprise to advocate the consideration of network conference system to compose:

One of, conference of video of telenet sth resembling a net, use at enterprise interior to communicate;
Secondly, long-range visible product is popularized, have the visible promotion of the product to the public and cause client, enhance intuitionistic sex;
Thirdly, long-range visible business affairs negotiates, have visible interactive communication with client of blame this locality, enhance sense of reality;
Its 4, long-distance visible network grooms, undertake on guard groom to branch company staff;
Its 5, long-range visible product grooms and the technology is safeguarded, undertake to company oneself or client support of long-range visible technology is mixed safeguard;
Its 6, long-range visible office, use video conference to work in coordination mode gives place to the member that the project that different job orders is comprised is online discuss, collaboration completes working project;
Its 7, long-range visible invite applications for a job, video conference system also can be used at visible invite applications for a job;
Its 8, all sorts of online activities, party of friend of product network news briefing, press conference, classmate is waited a moment.

Its 9, long-range video monitoring, use video conference to realize business environment and manufacturing site monitoring conveniently, canal of proprietor of an enterprise can know the state of the spot at any time and place, implementation is long-range muti_function control and data collect: Stage of long-range video focus, long-range cloud is controlled.

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