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The development that video conference hire serves

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- the hire of conference of the video that inspect dimension of industry first place serves
One, home inspects dispatch market to develop general situation in last few years
2003 is the market that inspect message a year when eruptive type develops, the SARS epidemic situation that reason of attribute a fault to is arise suddenly lets people need communication method to solve communication problem. Because a variety of reasons make what inspect dispatch market and did not anticipate 2004 hot, investment dimensions is 1.87 billion yuan only; 2005, the starts the demand that waits for an industry with irrigation works, electric power, oil addition of market of city of governmental 1-2 class, the convenience sex that more and more big medium and small businesses and individual consumer had realized to place of video conference business is brought, market dimensions achieves 2.31 billion yuan, it is to go up 23.5% of year of the corresponding period; Be attributed to a government market of 4 class city starts 3 ~ and the potential demand of business market, video conference appeared 2006 new point of growth, achieve 3 billion yuan, than going up year of growth is close 50% percent. Predict what just go to inspected dispatch market to will still grow in order to exceed the rate of 50% 2007, market dimensions breaks through 4 billion yuan.
The expert forecasts the potential scope of market of system of the conference that inspect message to have many yuan 100, increasing manufacturer saw this one profit is good. Up to to June 2005 portion, the factory commercial treaty on market of system of Chinese video conference has many 140, as the aggravate of technical maturity and competition, manufacturer of a few mainstreams will begin to lower product price to contend for market share, squeeze the vivosphere that holds young firm of a few actual strength, the conformity of market of system of domestic video conference begins to start. The conference product that should say the video conference manufacturer on prospective market is its offer necessarily has quality of admirable sound video, there is further expansion on product function, have on the price drop further and the system has the manufacturer that uses a sex good stability, adaptability, easily.

2, the generation that video conference hire serves
Original, start the swift and violent development with communication technology as a result of what market of city of national 1-4 class plans, the main user group of video conference product is the high-end user that gives priority to with the large trade such as governmental orgnaization, legionary, finance, telecommunication, but the total amount of these users is limited, market size won't have too big growth again. And more and more manufacturers see video conference market this one profit is good, the competition inside the industry grows in intensity. As the aggravate of technical maturity and competition, manufacturer of a few mainstreams has begun to lower product price even to contend for market share, come from 2005 2007, numerous video conference bought the price to have drop substantially, but user of more sensitive to the price medium and small businesses, still think to invest video conference to need the capital with not little brushstroke, cost is exorbitant those who affected video conference gain ground. Market survey discovers, china has 550 thousand company that has registered 3 above branch in each district, 50 thousand register the business of 10 branches in each district. Among them large company is only 30 thousand, the others most is medium and small businesses, they become the mainstream target of video conference market gradually. The development of the maturity that consumes the market as conference of our country video and video communication industry, more and more medium and small businesses and individual realize the value that invests video conference, below the reflection of the problem such as the price and administrative investment, emerge as the times require of business of video conference hire, and more and more users choose hire - this one agile and efficient communication form.

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