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Communication of conference of technical development video enters synergic perio

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Video conference is one kind comes true through contemporary communication means " real time, can inspect, alternant " multimedia communication technology. It is OK the static state the character / a variety of information send such as dynamic image, speech, character, picture arrive the indication terminal of each users, no matter be in where personally, should have Internet only even line, can make a variety of means communication information wait through image, sound in the dispersive user on geography, increase bilateral understanding, like making people is just as be personally on the scene to attend the meeting in same assembly room.

Transmit technical development as the network, especially the development of video conference technology, the demand of the user is more and more professional, they need new-style video conference system. It can provide video not only, the transmission of frequency, and can offer a kind to call digital cooperation the conference (Digital Collaborate Conference) concept. Digital cooperation function is to point to make in long-range conference vocally and image of the person that attend the meeting serve as the agency that communicate not only, still pass white board, office (software) , long-range application process shares the add function that waits for video conference system, achieve the cooperation between the person that attend the meeting better. It will include the state of industry of all tomorrow meeting: The solution of video, frequency, image and data unifinication. Video conference system will be used at attending a meeting not just, and the synergic platform that becomes a multimedia.

The synergic function of use video conference, the user can fulfil following functions:

Office efforts, the system can realize different ground to share program of a computer, like 3 ground collective editor watchs the Powerpiont program that runs in one ground, the documentation after the editor is OK still 3 ground freedom is transmitted. It is for example in governmental application, branch of governmental office, conference, public security organs is handling a case remotely in, the person that much file material needs to attend the meeting discusses jointly. In traditional video conference, use documentation projector passes documentation the means of image to be shared between the person that attend the meeting. But documentation camera is used below sheet shedding mode, documentation information and video image cannot be sent at the same time, restricted the communication of the user.

White board cooperation, to the discussion of the conference of different ground or different ground plan, fact is same now piece white board the function that aspirant travel synchronism handles, the use person that is located in many places can be in jointly white board communication is written in the picture, make dimensional distance turns into 0, realize the function that interacts remotely truly. For example enterprise interior cooperation needs to discuss the function such as analysis of forms for reporting statistics of plan of products plan, project, statistic, report forms of blueprint paper, business is the key of conference discussion, the value that data is transmitted and shares a function exceeded video function even sometimes.   

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