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Ice and snow of the bridge that inspect message does not have block

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At the beginning of 2008, one pervades the wide attention that the pluvial snow that south visits town ten times freezes calamity caused the people of the whole country. The 2008 whole nations that hold before long afore " two meetings " go up, a lot of delegates appeal in succession, strengthen lash-up management to direct orgnaization construction, improve lash-up work efficiency. The country is relevant branch also make corresponding deploy, perfect further fight calamity system providing disaster relief, the early-warning of perfect sudden incident, forecast, news report, urgent deal with the measure that waits for a respect.

Ice and snow of the bridge that inspect message does not have block

The State Council was discussed in January 2005 and pass " the country breaks out communal incident total meet an urgent need beforehand case " in specific provision, want to build system of perfect lash-up communication, build lash-up communication system, ensure communication is expedite.

In this among them, because system of the conference that inspect message can realize information real time, clearly to share with communication, facilitate unified and decision-making direct, crucial effect can be produced in lash-up direct process, make one of focal points that lash-up command system builds. The special meet an urgent need that in departmental door, province city weaves beforehand case, the construction of lash-up command system that also will include to inspect supervisory system of dispatch conference system, video in succession is brought into among them.

Lash-up commands the 3 attentions that the conference that inspect message builds
2007, ningxia government begins lash-up platform construction, use H3C to inspect dispatch conference solution, rely on network of government affairs of whole area electron, construction has a system of the conference that inspect message that is based on IP, assembly room of government of assembly room of members of standing committee of Party committee of center, municipality, municipality is directed in municipal government lash-up, and bureau of area class hall appoint do and each city county (area) compose builds a commanding of a lash-up to communicate bridge between center of governmental lash-up command.

The H3C that undertakes this project is returned bear the construction of system of the conference that inspect message that has built many governments and industry user, having rich experience. In process of construction of lash-up command system, how to share information of platform, implementation through information, resource is shared, the integral linkage that each other of unified command, interconnection connects directs platform, it is the essential jumping-off place that the conference that inspect message builds. Because this lash-up commands the respect such as the dependability of systems of pair of the conference that inspect message, shirt-sleeve sex,having more outstanding demand.

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