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Unscramble the development trend of network video industry

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Since this year, network video industry more and more get the wide attention of inside and outside of course of study. From Olympic Games copyright contend for video license plate to extend, close from much home website new climax of round of financing, true it may be said is a few jubilate a few anxious. On afterwards period invite secretary-general of alliance of Wu Genliang of popcorn network president and copyright of network of Chinese Internet association after Wang Bin feels pulse website of domestic network video to develop the current situation and problem, net of Information Industry of China of combination of Chinese netizen newspaper " the trend speaks " column, invited the person that above average inside two course of study again, unscramble the development trend of future of industry of Chinese network video and market trend together.

Conversational honored guest:

6 networks president holds cruel concurrently CEO Li Shanyou

PPstreamCEO Xu Weifeng

Compere: Chinese netizen signs up for baby of Shenjiang of president of network of Information Industry of China of editor in chief

Olympic Games hookup- - be about to lend east wind strong the sky

Compere: 6 nets and PPstream took cruel hookup of Olympic Games network counterpoises. Come round to look with respect to eye, did hookup of Olympic Games network counterpoise this what to effect produce to two websites?

Xu Weifeng: Everybody knows, the cost that hookup of Olympic Games network counterpoises is very high. But come round to look from eye, olympic Games advertisement still should calculate very hopeful, advertisement advocate to network hookup Olympic Games the acceptance of this thing degree wants than what we anticipate tall. Meantime, we see two trends: The first it is advertisement piece price rise very more. We think this is very bright phenomenon. The 2nd addition that is client amount. We discover besides world top-ranking brand, local brand of a few China also has larger investment. This is a good appearance, make clear Chinese brand advertisement advocate beginning to approbate network hookup Olympic Games is another choice opportunity, this is very advantageous to the development of whole video industry.

Li Shanyou: I become an editor in chief in Sohu before, will tell to any major media, major news cannot have leaked. More what is more,the rather that this is to be in China to do the Olympic Games for the first time, network video first time has hookup right, hookup Olympic Games more not allow to miss. So, not only portal website is participated in come in, include PPstream and cruel 6 waited for burgeoning video media to also be joined come in. This is incident of sex of a mark, had regarded network video as on behalf of mainstream society in light of burgeoning mainstream media, and this is in before is unthinkable thing. A burgeoning media can participate in Olympic Games hookup, was seleted on behalf of you, got a group inside approbate. Although discharge does not grow, our media consequence promoted, advertisement value also is met when the river rises the boat goes up too. Besides passes the Olympic Games this one chance, our discharge can increase several times, whole client group also can increase a lot of.
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