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4 big advantages: Be destined network TV suffers bestow favor on

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Now, the influence that the network lives to us can say to had arrived deep each corners, we are right at the same time the enthusiasm of the network and depending on also is to grow day and day, the network changed us a lot of lifestyle. Watch TV for instance, it is to sit before the television before us, freedom is spent very small. And the occurrence as the network, especially domestic home used a broadband now, the thing that TV has been a very easy implementation sees on the net. As long as the network is stable and reliable, adding a pretty good network TV software, you enjoy the joy that network TV brings to you easily.

Browse program of current Internet, teleplay, film, put together art, match direct seeding of all kinds cater to different the content that gets numerous taste, can search on network TV get. Yinjinei allows network TV not to suffer time space to restrict, cover range extensive, transmission is rapid, becoming young generation to seek the target that hold in both hands. When accepting a reporter to interview, industry public figure, country is the biggest network TV portal---Leisurely inspects Xu Haoyu of network vice president to tell a reporter, if meet Internet assimilate to,issue the golden pheasant of golden egg, so after business affairs of electron of game of search of afterwards portal website, network, network, Internet, network TV will be egg of a gold.

A group of data:

Refract the tremendous change of network TV

Internet every are brand-new momently, every engrave network TV also is new. In network TV development, "The net is inspected " probably casual, become your habits and customs. Show according to investigation, the charm with network the greatest TV is suiting at its 80 hind the habits and customs that reachs next generation youths, the occurrence of network TV, make the life of these people, gradually from turn for the center with the sitting room to be a center with computer. The life of people more center at computer this one more and more important equipment.

In fact, the upsurge of network TV comes very quickly. Seek advice from statistic according to Ai Rui, 2006, the domestic user that has watched network TV is amounted to 63 million, predict when 2010, dimensions of network TV user will reach 180 million person. 29% what network TV user of China occupied Chinese netizen 2005, this one scale rose 2006 to 47% , 78% what predict to 2010 user of Chinese network TV occupies all netizen.

Recently, center of Chinese Internet information published a report. The report thinks, be in now level and in the near future inside, drive Internet to continue the mainest factor that high speed grows, the application that is multimedia. The expert points out, 5 years in future, 10 years, network TV will be affected greatly and change the life of people.

Carry further as what information freeway builds fast, network TV progress will be better. Business of network TV operation already nose network TV sends out those who go out is inviting " fragrance " , developing technical innovation actively, make more rich broadcast content, make cake of large network TV.
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