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IPTV and digital annunciate network are carried out

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One, the industry application value of IPTV
Current IPTV, more tries to begin angle of business of network news video to understand from broadband operation business, less refer IPTV regards configuration of a kind of technology as the application in other industry. About the evaluation of IPTV alternant sex, also be from do relative angle to set out with digital TV, what count word TV network relatively is two-way transform come true hard in home and of character. However, IPTV serves as a new technology, two-way character is only among them one of, it still has a lot of other characteristics, among them the most important facet, also be the real value of IPTV, can construct namely the TV system platform with low cost and agile height. As a result of low cost, just can appear so called " private TV station " , and so called " sow a guest " and even " inspect a settle or live in a strange place " .

In addition, the flexibility of IPTV is apparent the TV station of excel tradition, augment and it is very easy to add channel, the system can accuse with far Cheng Qun, and easily implementation graph article and multimedia direct seeding, share Internet resource to wait. In the industry beyond wide report, network, so compose of a lot of need establishs the goal that closed-circuit television ability achieves, use IPTV technology to be able to come true completely now. In these circumstances, the applied target of IPTV dimensions is different, different, the technology asks to have respective characteristic, and the cost advantage of IPTV is common characteristic.

The industry application of IPTV is put in a huge market. The bank can build internal IPTV system, use at conduct propaganda, employee to groom; The school can build campus IPTV to use a system, provide education and conference relay, recreation, advertisement; Supermarket and sell the IPTV of field to be able to use sales promotion, guide buy; And cadre of rural Party member grooms remotely the system can use IPTV technology; The long-range education of rural teenage children also can use IPTV platform to wait a moment. An outstanding example is, as a result of the influence of 911 incident, american ceaseless him aggrandizement prevent fear a system, a of IPTV alleged killer applies, use a network to broadcast a technology namely, build a whole society Lou Yu, outdoor is spread all over inside limits platform of large network TV, use at urgent prevent those who fear information to release.

The IPTV that author of the following introduction participates in is in the application of ad industry- - digital annunciate network, analyse its to apply a characteristic.

2, digital annunciate network

Traditional public media and outdoors media basically use a static state box of annunciate board, lamp, placard, numerous to sufferring appeal had undertaken thorough mining, the effect promotes a space already very finite. And TV medium takes dominant place in the family all the time, if apply outdoors, to advertising transmission effect can have remarkable promotion, but apparent cost is a main problem. In fact, abroad appeared seventies In STORE TV (in inn TV) , now, home also has used such vehicle, use the method that DVD equipment broadcasts normally, implementation inspects the transmission of frequency content. Because broadcast equipment,be alone, cannot finish implementation to center a canal to accuse, cannot decide whether advertisement content is broadcasted normally so, whether is the content that perhaps broadcasts changed, compare with respect to the photograph of media of dispersive type static state with the tradition so without clear advantage.
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