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IPTV group sows duplicate mode to apply real solution to reach its to analyse

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TV of network of IPTV(seesaw pattern) offer as user of homeward front courtyard include TV content inside a when a variety of seesaw pattern serve brand-new technology, be chased after increasingly by the collective of each big telegraphic tycoon hold in both hands. It is transmission passageway with telegraphic broadband network, it is terminal with the television, a variety of technologies such as collect Internet, multimedia, communication at an organic whole, can effective TV, communication and PC3 the domain is united in wedlock together, great liberated the time limitation to people. But at the same time, on executive technology, IPTV to bearing the weight of the net has group sow, the respect such as safety of bandwidth, QOS, network has very strong demand.

Generally speaking, bandwidth of user of IPTV business proposal not under 2M. Receive a layer to arrive to save gather together the network bandwidth of the layer, aether network switching equipment needs to support 2 groups to sow consultative IGMPsnooping(Internet at least group group government agreement explores) . To cannot supporting group sow receive an equipment to need to develop to undertake replacing stage by stage according to business at the same time. To gathering together layer equipment undertakes fluctuation goes to bandwidth enlarge is allowed and upgrade, bandwidth of be issued to lower levels upgrades according to receiving a facility the circumstance undertakes upgrading accordingly, go up bandwidth designs N × GE.

Because IPTV business is medium the real time sex that video code sheds, successional, need bears the weight of the network offers QoS to assure, business is right at the same time bear the weight of the delay time of the net, lose wrap and shake more sensitive. Among them direct seeding kind video business is opposite like direct seeding TV the order programme of requirement prep above of QoS kind video service is like VOD. Game kind the data business that business is a kind of two-way and seesaw pattern, if its business character operated jussive sensitivity to decide what data wraps to be opposite the requirement is extended when transmitting particularly tall.

Be aimed at at present network state, bodatong believes pair of QoS problems to make the following effort:

From logic divisional IPTV business flows and conventional data business flows, reduce conventional data business to spread the effect that spreads to IPTV business. Receiving a CPE to gather together many PVC/VLAN are built to distinguish between switching equipment different business forms different logistic network thereby.

Gather together in the network layer and core layer enable business to serve grader to make, unified program and definition QoS serve grade, the brim has drifting classification and number.

Enable the map between the map between L3QoS and L2QoS and PVC and DSCP/802.1P.

Rich amounts to switching equipment to be superintended in classification, discharge, congest management, congest avoids, the letter makes, link efficiency mechanism (the respect such as LinkEfficiencyMechanisms) all has perfect solution, can satisfy the IPTV meticulous requirement on QOS well, delay from the angle utmost of equipment decreases or narrowing, shake, the case that loses a bag happens.
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